Wednesday, August 06, 2014

This Blog Just Voted BLOG OF THE MONTH at Book Fun Magazine


From the very beginning, this blog has intended to reach out to young, middle grade readers, especially boys, in the hope of encouraging them to read. As part of that goal, I sat at my computer and, over the space of three years, wrote thirty-six action adventure and mystery manuscripts for this age group. So it’s an honor to have my Books For Boys blog voted as the best this month by people who love to read.

Book Fun Magazine now reaches nearly 400,000 readers. And subscriptions are FREE if you’re interested. 
In the August issue, you’ll find a feature article/interview about my work, written by Karen Whiting
The article and interview can be found on pages 48 - 53 at this link
At the present time, I have contracts for 13 more adventure and mystery books. One of those contracts is with Elk Lake Publishing. The series title is
“The Accidental Adventures of Kurt Benson and His Friends, Riley and Jordan.” The first three titles in the series are, 
The Cat Burglars
Funny Money Mystery, and 
The Secret of Grandmother’s Grandfather Clock.
They’ll be coming soon, and more books are planned for this exciting series.

My thanks to all who voted for this blog. Winning Blog of the Month just proves there continues to be a strong interest in books that parents, teachers, librarians, and other adults can trust for kids.
Book Trailer for the Accidental Advenures series
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One of the magazine’s missions is to bring authors and readers together. They accomplish this in various ways which you’ll learn about if you click on their link. And remember, your subscription is FREE

The article and interview can be found on pages 48 - 53 at this link

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Church Bookstores Are On The Front Lines To Get Kids Interested In Reading

How can church bookstores help to get middle grade readers, especially boys, interested in reading?

Bookstore managers will likely agree that they stand on the front lines of this issue and are in the perfect position to reach out to children in their congregations. I would challenge managers and bookstore staff to take multiple steps to encourage boys to read.
·         Stock the kinds of books kids like to read. Many churches today can be tempted to focus on adult books. This alone discourages young boys from visiting the bookstore. Churches should actively combat this current trend because churches are in the perfect position to impact young readers.

·         Bookstore managers can also begin a reading tutoring program in order to help children who are at risk.

·         Encourage dads in the church to be obvious about reading in front of their children.

·         Create a brief presentation to give to the adult classes and small groups in the church about the importance of reading. This presentation should be given to the young parents and older adults alike, as grandparents can help to influence their grandchildren the same as parents, aunts, and uncles. Such a presentation could also be tailored for use in reaching out to young readers in their own Sunday school classes.

·         Add a quarterly notice in the bulletin which targets young readers.
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Does your church have a library and/or bookstore?

It's an honor to have my middle grade mysteries and adventures profiled in a feature article in the summer issue of Church Libraries. If we want adult readers in the future, we have to hook them when they're younger.
If you have an opportunity to mention this to the people in charge at your church it would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Max Elliot Anderson

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Are shorter books better books for kids?

Is shorter better for young readers? 
This article explores the best book length for kids, especially middle grade readers. Find it in the July issue of Book Fun Magazine, page 164.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Secret of Gradmother'sGrandfather Clock

Book # 3 in a brand new series, The Accidental Adventures of Kurt Benson and His Fiends, Riley and Jordan, has been sent to the publisher, Elk Lake Publishing.

It's called,                                                            The Secret of Grandmother's Grandfather Clock.

         This book will soon join the first two installments of the series, The Cat Burglars and Funny MoneyMystery, which have not yet been published.
The Story
          Kurt loved to visit his grandparents’ farm. But, not this time. A simple phone call changed everything. His grandfather had been a bomber pilot and, together, they’d built models. When the phone rang, Kurt was nearly finished building the first one that could actually fly.

            His grandparents lived a long distance away. When the family finally got there, Kurt and his sister Olivia found out that their grandfather had died. But the biggest shock was that someone may have been responsible for it.

            So, Kurt, Olivia, and their cousins set out to discover the truth. What they find is someone had been threatening the old man and now they were trying to scare Kurt’s grandmother.

            His grandfather had left some clues, but they didn’t make sense to Kurt until he noticed a mirror. He also found out someone in the county office had been tampering with property records and several people had already lost their farms…but why?
More information about this NEW series will be coming soon.

Series Video Trailer:

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Just An Ordinary Tent, Right? Feed the Imagination in Children.

Looks like nothing more than a simple tent in the back yard, right? Well, this is no ordinary tent. A few days ago, I did set it up in the back yard, but first let me tell you a little more about this tent.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to shoot a feature film in New Guinea. We moved right out into the jungle and set up our campsite next to the people living along the Sepik River...big mistake! We should have paid more attention to the fact that all the village people built their houses high up on stilts.

Then the rains came late in the middle of our first night.
Next morning, here's what my tent looked like.

So we did what the locals do. We put all of our tents on stilts, too. 

Much smarter idea.

Fast forward to the backyard tent again. I was taking care of my nearly two year-old granddaughter, Olivia. I'd promised her a ten all week. So I went to the basement, found my tent, and set it up with pads, a pillow chair for each of us, and a few other things I knew she'd like. All I can say is, she liked it!

Notice we included a bunch of books out there, too. Why do I tell you this? There's sill a lot of summer left in front of us. And adventure doesn't necessarily have to mean a trip someplace like New Guinea. You can provide your own adventure, right in your back yard. Don't have a real tent? Just put some old sheets together over a rope tied between two trees or something like that. And make sure your tent adventure includes lots of books, too. After all, some of the greatest adventures can be found in books.

: ))

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