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6 NEW Middle Grade Adventures & Mysteries

These NEW Middle Grade Adventures & Mysteries are set for release in just a few weeks. They are in the final stages of production now. 
Each is a standalone title.
If you are a reviewer of middle grade books, and are interested, please send your name and address to  so I can make sure you're on my reviewer list.



Shadow is a classic, boy-and-his-dog story, filled with twists, turns, action,

danger, and mystery. For as long as he could remember, all Bobby Taylor ever wanted was a dog of his own…any dog. But, he had a problem. His step-father managed the local animal control facilities, and the last thing he wanted to see at home was another barking dog.
Bobby began to notice a severely neglected dog, in the back yard of a run-down home that he passes on his way to school. So, he sort of adopted this pitiful animal as his own. He even gave him a name; Shadow. Unfortunately, because the dog had been so mistreated, he had an extremely vicious side. But, whenever he was in Bobby’s presence, anyone would have thought that this was the most gentle dog in town.
Buck and his followers made it their mission to pick on Bobby with every opportunity. That’s because Bobby was one of the scrawniest kids in school.
Then a rash of vandalism struck the town of Mason City. It began small, but became increasingly destructive. After each hit, the vandals left their mark; a symbol that was always spray-painted on a wall or sidewalk. Bobby is able to keep Shadow, as his own dog, under one condition. If the dog ever attacks anyone, the sheriff has ordered that Bobby’s father would have to put the dog down.
What happens when Bobby finally discovers who’s behind the vandalism? And, when they know that he knows, they set out to make sure he never tells another human being. After Shadow ultimately saves Bobby’s life, he puts his own in jeopardy.
This story will remind readers how important it is to tell the truth, no matter what the consequences may be.


Snake Island

Rod Campbell loved to go tubing with his friends down the lazy river outside of town. They often wondered about Snake Island as they drifted by.
Then, one day Mr. Patterson rushed out in front of the boys as they rode their bikes. People around town said he was a little crazy since he’d come back from the war. Some said his injuries had affected his brain. But Mr. Patterson warned them about the island.
Rod talked his friends into camping out on the island since it was near his grandfather’s farm. If they could last the whole night, then there wouldn’t be anything to be afraid of they reasoned.
On the night of the campout, someone came to the island, dug a hole, and rolled a large piece of carpet in. Then he began covering it up. The boys were terrified when they realized the man digging the hole was Mr. Patterson.
They raced off the island. The next day they learned that the richest man in town was missing. Police suspected murder. 
Rod and his friends reported what they saw and Mr. Patterson was accused of the crime. But did he do it? And what did he bury in that hole?


Last Chance

Derek Snyder is about to begin his last year of middle school. This is the last chance he’ll have to feel in charge, before beginning at the bottom of the ladder called high school. He plans to be the captain of his football team, and everyone at school pretty much did as he said. Although his teachers were allowed to call him Derek, everyone else at school had to call him Snyder.
On the day he arrived for the first day of school, Derek was in for a huge surprise. He found his friends crowded around a new student. Even though Derek hated to admit it, this new guy was attractive in every way. Yet, he was not at all what he seemed to be.
Through this story, we learn that Chip used to live in a large city. There, he had been involved in gangs and had even been the cause of the death of another boy.
Derek is determined to push Chip off center stage; a place that only Derek rightly deserved.
This story captures the nuances of junior high identity struggles. Everything Derek had imagined unravels one after the other. Plus, there is plenty of exciting football action.
Readers will learn what is truly important in life as they witness the concept of a person being willing to give up his life for a friend.
This story is funny, exciting, sad, and touching, all at the same time.


Troubles at Timber Ski Lodge

Sibling rivalry and a neighborhood bully are only two of the troubles Eric faced. Eric Baxter is twelve-years-old. His little brother, Shawn, drives him crazy with every opportunity. The Baxter family moved to the lodge two years ago because Eric’s grandfather could no longer keep up with the place.
Unfortunately, it hadn’t snowed enough in those two years for the lodge to turn a profit, and there had never been extra money so the Baxters could buy the snow-making equipment that would have made all the difference.
It didn’t help matters to have Thunder Mountain Ski Lodge right next door. Vince Turner’s father owned the place, and the Turners were filthy rich. Vince reminded Eric of that fact almost every day.
One afternoon, the village authorities learned that a gold shipment had been robbed. The reports said that a small airplane had been stolen around the same time. It’s expected that the crooks might try to fly the stolen gold across the mountains.
What happens when the boys hear the drone of a small plane just as a fierce storm is moving in? And, will Eric be able to save Timber Ski Lodge before it’s too late?
An avalanche, sibling rivalry, and being chased by gold thieves only add to Eric’s troubles.


Whispers in the Graveyard

Josh didn’t like moving from his safe, comfortable house into a cramped apartment in Chicago. His father had taken a new job and the family hadn’t found the right house yet. But Josh made friends with Kim, Mason, and Dexter. The four boys did everything together. Dexter’s father was a funeral director.
The boys’ biggest problem was that the quickest way to the subway was straight through the center of the biggest cemetery Josh had ever seen. The place was locked at night, but the boys knew how to get in. The only thing was, who’d want to?
One night, as the boys returned home after dark, a gang began chasing them. Josh and his friends had no choice but to duck into the cemetery. They thought the gang was scary, but that was nothing compared to what they saw and heard next.
The boys set out to unravel the mystery behind why those awful men were digging in the cemetery at night.
What they discovered was a gigantic drug smuggling ring, and the boys found themselves right in the middle of it.
Now if only the police can get there in time.  



What do bar codes, scanners, tattoos, and 666 have to do with the life of a twelve-year-old boy? Maybe nothing.  Maybe everything.  
Alex Peterman had a dream life. He could walk into the grocery store, pick out anything off the shelves, and walk back out without paying for it. Of course, it helped that his father owned Gilbert’s Grocery store.
Alex and his friends, Noah Bates and Tim Price began working with him, in the store, for the summer. But it wasn’t long before some money was missing, a lot of money. And it always happened on the weekends.
Alex didn’t care what it took, he was determined to catch the thief. Only he could never have imagined how big it was, or how many people were involved. He and his friends set up a secret fort, made from wooden delivery pallets that were stored up in a loft above the receiving area of the store. From that vantage point, they could watch anyone who came or went through the back doors.
One day, the boys ran into a delivery man with the tattoo of a skull and swords on his arm. They decided to keep a close eye on this man. When they did, they saw him doing some pretty suspicious things around the store.
The boys were convinced that this was the man who had been stealing from the store, but how? When they saw him again at the regional food convention, they were certain. Now Alex had to come up with a plan to catch him. But he wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

Bio - Max Elliot Anderson

Max Elliot Anderson grew up as a struggling, reluctant reader.  After surveying the market as an adult, he sensed the need for action-adventures and mysteries for readers 8 – 13, that would have interested him as a child. 
Using his extensive experience in the production of dramatic motion pictures, videos, and television commercials, Mr. Anderson brings that same visual excitement and heart-pounding action to the stories he writes. His books include different characters, setting, and plot as well as two traditional series. 
Young readers have reported that reading one of his books is like actually being in an exciting movie. 

Max Elliot Anderson’s Amazon Author Page 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Comments from young readers, their parents, grandparents, and teachers about Max Elliot Anderson’s adventure & mystery books.

The best way to let people know about an amazing, effective product, is to quote others who are familiar with it. The following comments are intended to encourage you to try one or more of my books for middle grade (8 - 12) readers. These comments come from young readers, their parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians.
“Max Elliot Anderson writes novels for kids who don't like to read to hopefully grab their attention and make them want to read. I personally will endorse his books because Mr. Anderson was the author that grabbed my reluctant reader and turned him into a reader.

“Reading one of these books is like being in an exciting movie.”
Coming Soon!
“I bought this for my son since we try and avoid the typical vampire, witchcraft and suggestive stuff out there for pre-teens. He loved it and wanted to order everything else from this author.”

“Readers of any of Max Elliot Anderson's books know that the books are guaranteed to be exciting, suspenseful, and geared toward kids.”

Coming Soon!
“I particularly like the way the author captures clever, boyish thinking and foibles as well as providing great descriptions of an amazing setting.”

“These books have adventures and mysteries to carry the reader from the first sentence to the end of the book. I would say they are a must read.”
Available Now!
“Books by Anderson are a treasure. The format is clear and easy to read. Each chapter has a great ending to pull you into the next chapter and before the reader knows it they have read a book! Good Summer Adventure.”

“I found this book refreshing and I am sure young boys and girls will find this book exciting.”
Coming Soon!
“The book was very exciting and it really kept me at the edge of my seat.”

My son has refused to read books, instead wanting me to read to him. He is now 12 and needs to be reading some books on his own. A friend who knew of my reading struggles with my son saw these books advertised for boys who don't like reading and told me about them. I bought 2 and he read them both in under one week! He loved these books!! It was just a matter of finding a book that kept is interest and these books did it!”
Coming Soon!
“The book reminds me of a more modern Hardy Boys story with more current problems and a tidy solution. It is something I would like to have my boys read.”

“My 12-year-old son read this book and loved it. He is already asking me to buy the other books in the series.”
Coming Soon!
“His books are written from the perspective of someone who knows from experience that boys (and girls too) need appealing books to read so that they can develop a love of reading. My nephew, who read this book as well, and my son are both "readers," but I know that that is not the case for many boys. If you have a reluctant reader in your family, you just might want to give this series a try!

“Written especially for preteens, the story uses exciting situations and humor to keep it interesting from beginning to end. And through it all the reader learns valuable lessons about what is really important in life.”
Available Now!
“There is excitement, adventure, with a few twists and turns for added fun. I will definitely recommend books by Max Elliot Anderson to my daughter, nephew, and my friends with kids in the 8 - 12 age group.”

“Max Elliot Anderson's books are destined to become classics along with such greats as Tom Sawyer, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Anderson is a talented writer; his books should be available in every local and middle school library.”
Available Now!
“My older two boys who are 8 and 10 years old LOVED these books. I have one boy who doesn't like to read, but it was easy getting him to read everyday with this series of books! They would come and tell me everything that happened in the part they read that day.

“An exciting plot will keep them turning the pages.”
Available Now!
“Max Elliot Anderson weaves this story of adventure and trust with deft fingers, bringing the story to life in a fulfilling and meaningful way. This book should be included on every young boy's bookshelf.”

“I believe this book will appeal to everyone. It was simple and well written. The end was so gripping I found myself sitting on the edge of the couch.”
Available Now!
“I found it exciting and completely entertaining! So did my 10-year old grandson.”

“This is a book that will grab you and hold you until you read the last word.”
Available Now!
“This is a fast paced story for young adults, especially boys but girls will also enjoy this story of adventure, action, finding a mission and staying alive. A must read.”

“Every once in a while, I get to revert to my kidhood and read a mystery like I used to love--ones on a par with The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. This one was every bit as good. If you have kids or grandkids (nieces, nephews, young friends--you get the picture!), you should get this for them. It's exciting, uplifting, and mysterious! Recommended for about age 8 and up.”
Available Now!
“Mr. Anderson writes exciting books geared for middle grade boys who are reluctant readers and I will vouch for his books as he is the one who caught my son's interest in the written word. If you have young boys or girls who don't like to read, try one of Mr. Anderson's books.”

I would happily take an Anderson book over much of what is palmed off as young people's literature today.”
Available Now!
“When I was young, going out to a movie was a family event. When the movie was really good, we applauded at its end. I have to admit that, upon finishing this story, I had the urge to applaud! You will too, and if your family and friends wonder what has come over you, then loan them your book to read!”

“A Max Elliot Anderson adventure has excitement, humor, and good lessons. I highly recommend this book, especially for kids who haven't caught on to the value and fun of reading, and might need something to get them started.”
Available Now!
“To be honest, I've never read a Max Elliot Anderson book that I didn't thoroughly enjoy, and this one is no different. It gets a high five from me.”

“I'm finding that Max Elliot Anderson has a great grasp on writing for the mid-grades.”
Available Now!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Remember the Flooding Pictures?

Not long ago, we had nearly 5" of rainfall in just a few hours. I posted pictures of the flooded area which is actually designed to collect water so more severe flooding doesn't occur below.

This is obviously the flooded area #1 BEFORE


This is obviously the flooded area #2 BEFORE


To appreciate the size of this place, that's a pickup truck in the distance, in the right corner of the concrete strip, and the collection area extends much farther off to the left of the screen in all these pictures.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Your books were popular to be stolen from my library!

Your books were popular to be stolen from my library!

I must begin by saying I’m not advocating the stealing of any book. But I want to relate something to you that might cause you to take a closer look at my adventures and mysteries for middle grade readers.

I grew up hating to read. Because off this, I followed a career of film, video, and television commercial production. Since I am a visual learner, this field was a good match for me. Still I wondered why I hadn’t enjoyed reading as a child. On top of that, my father published over seventy books during his lifetime, and I never read any of them growing up. 
I’ve heard from many parents, teachers, grandparents, and others who report how these books of mine have made a difference in the reading interest of kids.

So I set out to write the kinds of books I would have enjoyed as a child. Today, young readers tell me reading one is like being in an exciting movie as they keep turning the pages. 

The following comment truly highlights the impact these books are having and how that could benefit the children in your family, or circle of friends and associates. It comes from a teacher/librarian in an elementary school.

“Your books were a popular set to be stolen this year. Thank you for the addition to my library. I have already started to repurchase books I had stolen. I don't make a big deal about it when they aren't returned. The funny thing is I know who checks them out. Any child in our school may check out my books. The books were lost to students in another teacher's Language Arts class. When books aren't returned I can only hope that others will read them.  I've had students tell me that their cousin took it to read and didn't return it.  What a great gift to have books passed around. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

And what a great attitude she has. I hope her comment will encourage you to add my books to your classroom, library, or personal collection soon.  

Thank you,
Max Elliot Anderson

Coming Soon
                             Coming Soon
                              Snake Island

  Coming Soon
Troubles At Timber Ski Lodge

  Coming Soon
Whispers In The Graveyard

Coming Soon
Last Chance

Friday, June 30, 2017

Lost Power

All the people across the street in my neighborhood have been without electricity since the big storm a few days ago. A giant oak tree came down and smashed the power lines. Looks like they’re about to get it back. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017


What you,re looking at is usually a wide open space where I've taken my granddaughters multiple times to run and play. It sloped down dramatically from the road. 
But last night we received over 4 inches of rain in Rockford, IL. Now it's totally inundated with runoff water.

There's actually a nice baseball diamond out there someplace under all that deep water. Not only does it have all the bases, there's also a tall, chain-link backstop behind home plate. Do you see it anywhere? Me either!

Picnic Anyone?

Friday, June 23, 2017

REVIEW - Danger Mountain - Middle Grade Mystery / Adventure

5.0 out of 5 stars What did they see on Danger Mountain?June 2, 2017
This review is from: Danger Mountain: Accidental Adventures: Episode 5 (Accidental Adventures of Kurt Benson and His Friends, Riley and Jordan) (Kindle Edition)
Danger Mountain is a middle grade novel written for 8 to 12 year old reluctant readers. Although it's the fifth book in the Accidental Adventures of Kurt Benson series, the story stands on its own so you don't need to read the others first. This story revolves around Kurt Benson, his cousin Dillon, and Dillon's two best friends. When Kurt travels to Colorado to visit Dillon he doesn't expect to end up near Danger Mountain running and
hiding from strange men with guns. But, when the four boys go camping they see the men chase another man toward the edge of a cliff. A shot rings out and the man who was being chased goes over the side. When one of the boys screams the men come after them. Will the boys escape their pursuers? Can they survive several days on the dangerous mountain? Will they be rescued or caught?

The author does a good job of grabbing the reader's attention and keeping it. I received a free copy of this book and I look forward to sharing it with some middle grade readers I know. In addition to sharing an interesting story, the author weaves in some information about illusions. People are often fooled by what we think we see. This book is a good reminder of that powerful truth.