Monday, March 27, 2017

Live Eagle Cam

Don’t miss the excitement of the Decorah Live Eagle Cam. Watch an eagle pair take turns sitting on the nest. In past years, I’ve seen several fish and even a large rabbit delivered to help feed the young. 
Through cold, snow, rain, ice, and wind, they stay on the nest to make sure their precious eggs stay warm.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Interesting article, "Boys want to be dangerous, and we should absolutely let them."

Interesting article, "Boys want to be dangerous, and we should absolutely let them." I write adventures and mysteries slanted toward #MiddleGrade boys, and all of them contain elements of danger.


Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The Cat Burglars - Middle Grade Mystery / Adventure

No, not that cat!

This is book # 1 in the new Accidental Adventures Series

The Cat Burglars

The Cat Burglars

Author: Max Elliot Anderson
Audience: 8 – 12; especially boys

Kurt Benson could hardly believe there had been a burglary, and right in his own neighborhood. He was helping out his friend, Riley Pletcher, whose parents owned Pletcher’s Bed and Biscuit Kennels.
Kurt thought it was odd that his neighbor’s cat, Buffy, had been staying at the kennel while the family was away on vacation. But, when he found out the houses of at least four other Pletcher’s customers had also been hit, his head started spinning.
That was before he saw the copier repairman do something odd. When he thought no one could see him, the man took a sheet of paper from a clipboard on the wall, made a copy, and quickly returned the clipboard to its hook.
Was it possible the repairman had something to do with all those burglaries?
Were they getting ready to strike again?

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Ghosts In The Old Attic - NEW Middle Grade Mystery

Ghosts in the Old Attic has been released by Elk Lake Publishing. This is book #6 in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series.


Ghosts In The Old Attic

Author: Max Elliot Anderson
Readers: 8 – 12
Words: 31,000
Sam Cooper is about to get the surprise of his life. His parents plan to leave Harper’s Inlet and move to Louisiana, where they will open a bed and breakfast.
When the family arrives, Sam’s cousins have some pretty wild-eyed stories to tell about a “haunted” mansion nearby. He and his cousins begin exploring the creepy place. Where were those noises coming from and the strange lights at night? There is also a rumor that the reason this place is “haunted” is because there is buried treasure hidden someplace. 
As the cousins are investigating, Sam’s parents have been looking for an available property they can afford.
Sam was in for another surprise when he found out about the rundown mansion his parents finally chose to buy. Who is trying to discourage them from moving in and why?

Will the family be able to open the bed and breakfast before it’s too late, or will they lose all their money?

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And don't miss the NEW Accidental Adventures Series Available NOW!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

MiddleGrade March Madness (Book) "At The Buzzer"

It's that time of year again. A time when every middle grade boy, who ever dribbled a basketball, dreams of one day finding himself out on the basketball court, with the clock winding down, the ball in is hands, and then...

At The Buzzer

At the Buzzer

Author: Max Elliot Anderson
Audience: Middle Grade

Sam Cooper had rehearsed a thousand times, in the back yard, how he would win the big game, with a three point shot, and be a hero. Still, he wondered what would happen in a real game. Sam’s friends all played on the basketball team at school.
Sam was concerned about his best friend, Perry, for a couple of reasons, and he was going to do his best to help his friend.
On the way home from a survival church camp weekend, the boys’ van is nearly involved in a fatal accident with an eighteen-wheeler on a rain slick road. The boys have to confront life and death for the first time in their lives.
Later, while they practiced basketball at Sam’s house, Perry fell, resulting in a severe injury. Instantly his plans to use basketball as the ticket to his future were changed. Perry was the big man in the middle. Without him, the team had to change the way they played.
Would they be able to win the championship?
Would Chris take the final shot like he’d practiced his whole life?