Thursday, January 25, 2007

Books for Boys


My name is Max Elliot Anderson. In late 2001, something happened that would entirely change my career path. As a result, I began writing action-adventures and mysteries for readers 8 - 13, especially boys. The interesting thing about this is that I grew up hating to read.

You can go to my author web site and read more about how this all came about, at , but, for now, I simply wanted to introduce myself. As we move forward, I'll be adding information about the subject of boys and books. You may agree or disagree with some of my ideas, and I'll be happy to hear from you as we go along.

The important thing is that I believe there is a tremendous need for the kinds of books that will attract and hold the attention of young, boy readers. I'll share stories about how these books are already having an impact. And I'll suggest other resources that may be helpful, if you are looking for information about boys, books, and reading.

One more thing: my books are enjoyed by reluctant boy readers, avid readers, girls, and even adults.

So, let's get started.


Dara A. Lehner said...

To all,
Having read several of Max's books I personally love them; but more importantly the young boys for which I am a reading tutor are captivated and thrilled with the mysteries and adventures of them all. You can't go wrong with any of his books. Five Stars!!! I am waiting for more to be released.
Dara A. Lehner

Heather Ivester said...

I found your site through FCW. Wishing you all the best in your journey as an author of adventure books for boys!

Terry Burns said...

Great job, Max. I'm pleased to be working with you. Sure, girls read more than boys, but is it as much as the industry thinks? Or is it self-fulfilling prophesy? Do they read less because less is being produced for them? When your books are enjoyed so much by the young ladies who read them I can't see that it's a big gamble to reach out to the guys and reel them in. Here's hoping you take your fine offerings to a whole new level of readership.