Saturday, March 10, 2007

Unlock the Mystery

This is a special hello to all the students and their parents who attended “Unlock the Mystery” earlier today in Joliet. I counted well over 100 people who came to my two sessions. I enjoyed speaking to you, and exploring the things you “saw”, on the screen in your head, as we listened to music and sound effects.

If you’re already a reader, way to go. Keep at it. If you don’t like to read very much, I encourage you to start. Find a book or magazine about a subject that interests you, and read it. When you finish, find another one and another.

As I said today, reading will help you on tests, it will help you to become more successful, and readers are the leaders others follow.

I am impressed that so many of you chose to give up a Saturday morning, to come from several schools, so you could find out more about reading and writing. Congratulations to all of you who won awards!

I hope what we learned together was helpful to you.

Max Elliot Anderson

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