Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Dangerous Book for Boys

As I write this post, THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS ranks # 3 on Amazon. This is very encouraging to me, since all of my action-adventures & mysteries are written especially for boys 8 – 13. Still, even girls and adults like them as well.

It is reported of THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS, that this one book may help lift the entire Collins publishing division.

Earlier I have reported on what seems to be a growing awareness that there is a need for good reading material for boys. For far too long, the majority of books for young readers have been slanted toward girls, since they represent the largest numbers of readers. But has this become a self-perpetuating cycle? I think so.

My research has brought me in contact with a number of people who also recognize there is a need in this area. I’ve learned new terms such as the “lace curtain” and the feminization of our culture and education system.

Yesterday I had the privilege to speak to a combined gathering of students from two schools in the Beloit, Janesville, Wisconsin area. When I asked if there was anyone who didn’t like to read, the majority of hands that were raised immediately, were boys.

Clearly it is time for publishers to begin releasing the kinds of books that will hook and hold the interest of boys. My twenty-eight available manuscripts of action-adventures and mysteries would be a good place to start.

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Turdz said...

Yea i agree 100% with the not enough books for blokes. i am 16 but i can only every find a book i enjoy maybe a few a year like 6 at the most but yea thats it 4 me l8a Turdz