Tuesday, October 30, 2007

School Presentation Becoming Increasingly Popular

Mark Twain once said, "The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them." It has also been said that a reluctant reader simply hasn’t found the right books yet.

I have come to realize how important reading is to the education process. It is foundational to learning, and is the key to future success in life. Yet I grew up as a reluctant reader. Now I've joined the battle to help children develop a love for reading.

I'm available for a limited number of regional school visits and will consider traveling to more distant locations. My program is unique and the responses have been very positive. I prefer reading nights, where students and their parents attend together, and where copies of my books can be sold, but I'm also available for other in-school programs.

My presentation includes props that I use while writing. These are items that help me to visualize the scene better. I also use mood appropriate music and allow the students to stretch their imagination by listening to various pieces. Then I'll read an exciting chapter from one of my books.

For longer programs, I might read a chapter and then ask the students, "What happens next?" They will then write a few paragraphs to continue the story, as they see it.

I like to stress the fact that each of us is unique. No one sees the world exactly the same as anyone else. Because of this, there is lots of room for individual creativity and expression. In literature, this is called voice as students have an opportunity to put down on paper the way they interpret the world around them.

The reason I prefer reading nights, where the parents are also present, is because, once parents hear how I came to write my books, they see how these books can impact their children in a positive way. The books are entertaining, fast-paced, with lots of humor and heart-pounding action. Each book is also educational, without the reader even knowing it.

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Now, from an author who hated to read...comes books kids hate to put down.

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The Book Lady Online said...

Hi Max,

Thank you for stopping by my blog The Book Lady Online http://thebookladyonline.blogspot.com/ and posting a comment. Its nice to meet someone who was a reluctant reader as a child and has grown up to be a writer :o) You have a very nice blog with lots of great information. I'm going to offer your books to my son, the reluctant reader. I'll let you know what he thinks of them.