Sunday, December 09, 2007

And The Winners...ARE

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all who sent entries in my Books For Boys contest. The three winners are listed below.
Congratulations to each of you!
I’m also including three additional, excellent entries. It is clear that there continues to be a critical need for books for boys that boys will actually enjoy reading.

That is my mission.

Max Elliot Anderson

1st Place WINNER of 5 books

I think action-adventures or mysteries, written especially for boys, are important because...

Boys typically don't like to read. Most of my male students (7th grade) hate to read because nothing interests them. Many of them comment that the stories are too fluffy or girly and they can't seem to relate to them.

In addition, there are a plethora of older books written for boys because of our gender biased society. Now, as new authors emerge who direct their books to minorities and girls (don't get me wrong, this is a wonderful thing) the books for boys have lost the spotlight. Our school library section pointing to interesting books is relatively devoid of books for boys.

There is a need to engage boys in reading. Thank you for filling that need.


2nd Place WINNER of 3 books

I think action-adventures or mysteries, written especially for boys, are important because boys who are of the age to get addicted to a series of this type of book are also usually in the stage where they really like to separate the girls things from the boy things. According to some classic psychology, this is a healthy stage that helps them work out a male identity. I see some disappointment when my own six boys read some of the updated versions of classic boys action books that have been modified to accomodate today's standards. My boys are voracious readers at this stage, for books that are riveting adventures, but are also not a wordy read, nor an overwhelming time commitment, (since they want to have adventures of their own). While I like to stress at an older age to read unabridged classics, these types of series books are perfect for this age group in our family since we dislike feeding them junk food reading material, but like to give them a steady diet of reading. I hope to see a steady diet of this material available, for continuous feed!


3rd Place WINNER of 2 books

I think action-adventures or mysteries, written especially for boys, are important because...

Even if a boy likes to read, most books are geared to appeal to both genders, so they are not full of as much action-adventure like a boy would appreciate.

Boys, like digging in dirt, finding frogs, finding rare treasures, etc. They need books designed to appeal to what they like, plus have a great message to inspire them.

They need to be encouraged with words that uplift and motivate them to be boys who turn into great men.


Honorable Mention


I think action-adventures or mysteries written especially for boys are important because boys really need a story
to catch their attention and draw them into the action. I have four boys, ages 13, 11, 9 and 6 and they have always
loved to have me read to them. However, as my older sons have chosen books to read on their own they often have had
a hard time finding something that they felt was worth reading.

My oldest son, Jon, age 13, especially has a hard time finding a book he is interested in reading. I often recommend a book for
him to read, only to have him say, "it just doesn't sound good" or "it was boring." As a mother of four boys, I am well aware of
the fact that boys are constantly on the move. In the same way, books written for boys need to be filled with action and
adventure in order to keep up with these fast-paced boys.



I think action-adventures or mysteries, written especially for boys, are important because they bring out the adventure side in every boy. Children of this gender are not usually too excited about reading, but I have found while teaching boys ages five through twelve, that if you can find something intriguing, mysterious, and/or action packed, you will have boys of this age group's attention.

There is so much violence in the media including movies, books and video games, in order to continue capturing young boy's hearts with good reading material, one must join the band wagon per se' and have similar items of interest readily available at all times. We are losing this generation of boys to worldly literature that is shaping them into young men that think that are invincible and that violence must play a large part in stories they interact with. This is why we are seeing crime rates soar in astronomical proportions, and why parents are grabbing for anything to replace the anger-ridden books that are offered in school libraries within the US.

Max Elliot's books of adventure and mystery offer boys the action- packed journeys with wholesome outcomes in anti-violent natures. His books enlighten boys to new possibilities and create critical thinking skills in his readers. Adventure and mystery swarm young boy's hearts and lead them to unknown places meeting new faces along their journeys. All of which are vital in the upbringing of sound, stable and sensitive young men. Hat's off to you Max!



I think action-adventures or mysteries, written
especially for boys, are important because today’s
books have to compete with multitudes of sports
opportunities, Ipods, and action-filled video games.

Most boys are extremely active and it is hard to get
them to sit still long enough to read. My son would
rather be running or playing. However, he WILL sit
and play a video game all day if I allowed it. The
reason is because it keeps him mentally active and he
likes it.

My son finds most books "boring". I find there is a
huge black-hole in the book world for action-filled
books for boys. Unfortunately, most boys do not even
realize they are missing out on a tremendous gift -the
love of reading.


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