Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Talk about adventures!

I just write action-adventure & mystery books for boys, but I recently went to the Daytona 500. Now THAT’S adventure!

My son, Jim, is an attorney in Chicago. For the past three years we’ve made the trip to Daytona. The last two years were cold, windy, and damp. This year, the conditions were perfect. My daughter, Sarah, lives in the Orlando area. She’s a teacher in 2nd grade. This year she went with us too.

The Thunderbirds did the fly-over after the National Anthem. This was also the 50th anniversary of that great race.

We sat near turn 1, only 6 rows up from the track. The thunder of over 40 cars was awesome. Each time they passed, at nearly 200 miles per hour, the blast of wind blew the hats off of lots of fans.

My favorite driver is Jeff Gordon. My son likes Dale Earnhardt Jr. Unfortunately, my guy had a suspension problem and dropped out of the race to fix it. He finished way, way back in the pack. But he did finish 3rd yesterday in California.

Did any of you go to the race in Daytona this year? We’re already making our plans to return next year.

Max Elliot Anderson

PS. I haven’t posted much this month. Partly it’s because I took a very hard fall on the ice earlier in February. I was in so much pain, I wondered if I could make the trip to Florida. But I toughed it out and had a great time. I still have considerable pain from the fall.
More about the Daytona 500: www.daytona500.com
More about NASCAR: www.nascar.com

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