Saturday, April 05, 2008

This Books for Boys blog was featured this week in the Children's Writing Update

Earlier this week, this blog was featured in the Children's Writing Update newsletter.

>> ITEM 5 - Featured Children's Lit Blog: Books For Boys

In the past couple of years, there's been an explosion in wonderful blogs about children's books and the writing process. Now, in each issue of the Update, we'll profile a unique and helpful blog.
This issue, we highlight Books for Boys, a blog created by author Max Elliot Anderson. The blog focuses on issues and concerns facing today's boys, how to write for them, and how to encourage reluctant readers. Check it out at:

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hillgangintn said...

Well Max Elliott Anderson I for one am glad that Children's Writers featured your blog and your books. My 11 year old very reluctant reader just asked me for some good books he could try!!! Yes he is finally ready to take the plunge. I am glad I can go buy or borrow one or more from our library or bookstore. I will check in the am as this is Sunday!
Thanks again Children's Writer update for including Mr. Anderson's blog.
D. Hill Tennessee