Thursday, September 11, 2008

When I'm Not Writing Books For Boys

Those who follow this blog know that, in addition to writing books for boys, I am also the producer / director / writer of video productions for clients

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot video in a facility that is the largest company in America that recycles the glass from electronics and computers. The men who own this company, built the machines that separate and break up the glass, themselves.

Electronic products and computers are torn apart. The plastics are sold to one vendor while the electronics and circuit boards are sold to another. The glass fragments are then shipped to companies that melt it down and produce new glass.

I was impressed by how much of the material is able to find new life, rather than to be dumped into a landfill where it would simply sit for all time.

It was almost overwhelming to see the gigantic volume of items that come to this company in truckload after truckload. Right now they only receive materials from corporations, but laws will likely change soon so that old, worn out electronic items from homes will be recycled too.

Some of the video footage that was shot, showing how the glass is processed, will be on a CBS program or on CBS news soon.

It was an interesting day.

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Andy@ West Florida Components said...

That sounds like a great segment - I hope it gets aired soon!

I love to hear that all the electronic parts will have a second chance to be used.

Would it be OK if we posted a link to your blog post on our web site blog? It's at - Our customers would find this interesting, I'm sure.