Monday, May 18, 2009

Workers cutting down dead trees

Today we’re having some trees removed from our yard, and I thought that the boys who read this blog might enjoy seeing a few pictures of the work.

The men dress in bright orange so they don’t blend into the trees while they’re up in the branches.

They wear hard hats in case part of a tree might fall on their heads.

They use noisy chainsaws.
The job requires big trucks and heavy equipment. One of the machines eats up the branches and spits them into the back of the truck.
The men wear safety glasses to protect their eyes, and cover their ears to protect their hearing.

There is so much noise out there today that our cat is still hiding in the basement.


Danielle said...

As a teacher for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing, I am thrilled to read that they wore hearing protection :-)

max said...

Thank you, Danielle.

I felt it was important to let kids know that adults, who perform a dangerous job like this, take several safety precautions.