Sunday, June 14, 2009

50 Pages Of Books For Boys Reviews

It can be difficult to decide on what books to buy for the boys or girls in your family and circle of friends.

Since I grew up hating to read, I made it my mission to write action-adventures & mysteries that I would have liked as a child.

But how do you decide where to spend your dollars, on material for your kids to read, in these difficult times? It’s a challenge.

So I’m posting the link to a blog that has more than 50 pages of reviews for my books. I hope they help you in making your decision on good summer reading material for the young readers in your life.

My first aim is to write books for boys, however, girls like them too. And kids tell me that reading one of my books is like being in an exciting movie.

The reviews can be found at

My books can be purchased on Amazon. They can also be ordered from any Barnes & Noble, or other stores, since they are distributed by Baker & Taylor.

Signed copies can be ordered directly from me. You can email for details at


Max Elliot Anderson

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