Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Blast From My Past

This morning, my brother Lane sent me the most amazing email. He had been watching a televised auto auction when a special car from our past moved onto the auction block.

First, a little history.

Well into my adult life, I still have an occasional dream about this car. When you see the pictures, there’s no question that the car is fabulous!

Because of the work our father did in publishing and film production, we had the opportunity to meet a lot of famous and interesting people. I will never forget the day when my father, and a man named Lloyd Templeton, pulled up in front of our school just as classes let out for the day. We were instant heroes if only for a few minutes. But it was that car. Who could ever forget it?

When I opened my brother's email, clicked on the link, and saw the pictures for the first time in almost 40 heart rate went way up. And I’m sure my blood pressure wasn’t far behind.

Clearly, your reactions will be much less, but at least you can appreciate this truly beautiful work of art.

If you’re interested, the following link will take you to a page with more pictures along with a little history about the car.,16908/1950-Mercury-Bob-Hope-Special_photo.aspx

And this link tells about all the parts, from different cars, that went into building this one-of-a-kind roadster. 


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Linda Glaz said...

Wow! Mine was a '70 bittersweet orange javelin. What a car and what a ride! Those definitely were the days...