Thursday, March 04, 2010

PicPocket Books


PicPocket Books brings quality picture book literature to digital media. Children ages 2-8 can now enjoy
their favorite stories on the go—at the doctor’s office, at the store, on the airplane; any situation where it’s
impractical to bring physical books along. PicPocket Books offer a new and unique experience, combining
the beauty and distinctive quality of picture books with professionally produced audio narrations and
interactive visual text. Whereas other iPhone picture book applications are video-based, PicPocket Books
technology allows users to turn pages and highlight words themselves, mimicking a true book experience.
PicPocket Books is the largest publisher of children’s picture book applications for the iPhone or iPod Touch.


“I am thrilled to have found PicPocket Books. My son (5 years old) is an emergent reader. The
stories keep him occupied in the car and he’s also able to follow the text along with the audio, so
he is practicing and reinforcing his reading skills.”
—Holly R., Charlotte, NC

“Picture books on my phone is a great idea—since I always carry my phone—I now always have
entertainment for my young children, and I can download new books straight from iTunes. (It
was a lifesaver when I was recently out to lunch with my adult friends.)”
— Anne S., New York, NY

Lynette Mattke

PicPocket Books

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