Monday, June 07, 2010

Unique Honey Flavors

I started a little side business, and I do mean little, several years ago. It began when I was unable to find a line of honey products I had enjoyed when I lived in Indiana. My wife and I even resorted to buying it, through the mail, from the company, in half-gallon quantities.

The company is called Laney Honey. I've been distributing their products to a few area stores here in Rockford, IL. Today was my first round of deliveries for this month, and I'll finish on Tuesday.

What's unique about Laney Honey products is that the flavors are based on where the bees are kept. The line includes flavors like Blueberry Blossom, Basswood, Clover, Wildflower, and a dozen or more others. They aren't actually in those flavors, but the texture, color, and distinct flavors differ, depending on where the hives were kept. The packaging colors help customers find their favorites.

Most national honey brands mix everything they buy together, cook it, filter the end product, and it has an extensive shelf-life as a result. But Laney Honey keeps their honeys separate, and bottles them according to where they originated. They are minimally cooked and filtered. Consequently, they turn back to sugar faster than the national brands. But that's okay, all you have to do is heat it up in the microwave, or a pan of warm water.

Honey has been brought out of tombs in Egypt, where it became solid as a rock over generations. Even that honey turned back to liquid after heating. Honey, and the process that bees go through to produce it, are fascinating subjects to study. There are tons of sites online with more information.

This is the taste that got me started in the first place. It comes from Star Thistle which grows wild in Michigan. But this is the lightest, sweetest honey I have ever tasted.

Laney Honey is distributed to a number of Kroger stores in the Midwest. If you're interested in knowing more about Laney Honey, you can go to  You can even order from them if that's of interest. If you do that, and then do a side-by-side taste test,!

Disclaimer - I am a wholesale distirbutor for Laney Honey

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