Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tall Ships Chicago 2010

As end of summer comes into view, I’ve had the opportunity to do a couple of unique things that may be of interest. Today I’ll report on the Tall Ships Chicago 2010. And a few days from now, I’ll post information, and pictures, from my visit to the Illinois Railway Museum. Be sure to come back for that one.

20 tall ships made the trip to Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. I live about 90 miles west of the city.

I went there with my son, Jim, who lives with his wife in the city. Both are attorneys.

Ships came from around the world, including The Netherlands, Germany, the US, and Canada. Special wristbands allowed us to board any of the ships.

Before driving in to Chicago, I had read about the ships that would be on display.

Immediately I set my sights on the HMS Bounty. This is the full-rigged tall ship used in a number of Hollywood films.

It was built for the 1962 film, "Mutiny on the Bounty."

This same ship was also seen in “Treasure Island” and “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest.” My son and I waited in line for over one hour to board that great ship, but it was worth every minute of it.

We were allowed to walk freely above and below deck.

Bounty is outfitted with gigantic
masts, intricate rigging...

...and a beautiful, wooden ship’s wheel.
As we walked along the pier, and boarded other ships, it was easy for my mind to drift back to another day and time, when these mighty vessels sailed the seas.

And who knows? Maybe one or more of them will find their way into one of my future action-adventures or mystery books for boys.


Great Lakes Romances said...

Thanks for the great pictures!
Donna Winters

Margot Finke said...

Terrific pictures and information Max. I wish I had been there to see it all with you.

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