Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Toad in the Nieghborhood

When we first moved into our house, over 30 years ago, we noticed several toads around the yard. Then, for some reason, they seemed to disappear and we haven’t seen any for many years. That was until this past weekend. While mowing the yard, I saw something move in the grass next to me. To my surprise, it was a big, fat toad.

Quickly I shut off the mower, bent down, picked up the toad, and deposited it in a place next to the house.
I hope this will become its new, permanent home. We’re even looking into ordering a toad house for the little guy.
By next spring, I’m also hoping to find a lot of his relatives around the yard and garden. Maybe this cement frog will make him feel a little more at home : )) Might have to write a story about them sometime.

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