Wednesday, October 05, 2016

My NEW Middle Grade Mystery - Adventure Series Has Arrived

Reviewers welcome! If you are in a position to influence young readers, their teachers, parents, or grandparents, contact me and let me know. I would be happy to supply review copies in those circumstances. Write to me at give me the details, and include your mailing address.

Several boxes arrived today for my NEW! middle grade series, The Accidental Adventures and his friends Riley and Jordan.
These new books join a previous middle grade series, The Sam Cooper Adventure Series as well as several more stand-alone, middle grade adventures and mysteries.

My books tend to be shorter, around 100 pages - some longer - so that young readers can feel the satisfaction of actually finishing a book.

Let's face it, kids' schedules today are pressed on every side. And there are tons of distractions including multiple electronic devices.

Who has time to read?

But we all know how important reading is to the future success of our children in their education, future careers, and lives.

Let's work together to help get this generation of kids 8 - 13 reading again. 
After all, readers are the leaders other follow.

Max Elliot Anderson

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