Monday, December 18, 2017

A Deal Too Good To Pass Up on the Sam Cooper Adventure Series - Just in Time for Christmas


Here's a special deal on the popular middle grade Sam Cooper Adventure Series you can't pass up.

From 11:00 A.M. on Monday, December 18 - to Midnight on Friday, December 22

Lost Island Smugglers              FREE!
Captain Jack's Treasure           FREE!
River Rampage                          FREE!

This Property is Condemned   .99 CENTS
At The Buzzer                           .99 CENTS 
Ghosts In The Old Attic           .99 CENTS

This is an excellent opportunity to pick up this exciting adventure / mystery series for the young readers in your family, school, or circle of friends.
Max Elliot Anderson is the author of nearly 40 books. Most are for middle grade readers.

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“There is excitement, adventure, with a few twists and turns for added fun. I will definitely recommend books by Max Elliot Anderson to my daughter, nephew, and my friends with kids in the 8 - 12 age group.”

“Max Elliot Anderson's books are destined to become classics along with such greats as Tom Sawyer, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Anderson is a talented writer; his books should be available in every local and middle school library.”

“My older two boys who are 8 and 10 years old LOVED these books. I have one boy who doesn't like to read, but it was easy getting him to read everyday with this series of books! They would come and tell me everything that happened in the part they read that day.

“An exciting plot will keep them turning the pages.”

“Max Elliot Anderson weaves this story of adventure and trust with deft fingers, bringing the story to life in a fulfilling and meaningful way. This book should be included on every young boy's bookshelf.”

“I believe this book will appeal to everyone. It was simple and well written. The end was so gripping I found myself sitting on the edge of the couch.”

“I found it exciting and completely entertaining! So did my 10-year old grandson.”

“This is a book that will grab you and hold you until you read the last word.”

“This is a fast paced story for middle grade readers, especially boys, but girls will also enjoy this story of adventure, action, finding a mission and staying alive. A must read.”

“Every once in a while, I get to revert to my kidhood and read a mystery like I used to love--ones on a par with The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. This one was every bit as good. If you have kids or grandkids (nieces, nephews, young friends--you get the picture!), you should get this for them. It's exciting, uplifting, and mysterious! Recommended for about age 8 and up.”

“Mr. Anderson writes exciting books geared for middle grade boys who are reluctant readers and I will vouch for his books as he is the one who caught my son's interest in the written word. If you have young boys or girls who don't like to read, try one of Mr. Anderson's books.”

I would happily take an Anderson book over much of what is palmed off as young people's literature today.”

Find more information about this special deal at the publisher's site


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