Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Makes Your Books For Boys Unique?

I’m often asked about what it is that makes my books for boys different or unique. I think the best way to demonstrate that is to direct you to nearly 50 pages of reviews from my first 7 books for boys.

My agent is currently at the largest Christian Bookseller’s convention, meeting with editors over the next several days.

We are hopeful to add additional titles to my list of published books. The first 7 have been published, but there are another 28 manuscripts that have been completed.

50 pages of reviews:


Pam said...

Hi Max,
Your books look very interesting. Do you ever have blog tours, interviews on blogs, or book contests on other blogs?
My son is a reluctant reader. He has only began to read more in recent months.

max said...

Hi Pam.

The most I've done is to be interviewed on a few blogs and sites. I did have a contest late last year for a few book giveaways.

Nothing planned for now though,