Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Black Squirrel

My books for boys are action-adventures & mysteries. I don’t necessarily write books about animals, although there are often animals in my stories. You would find dogs, horses, cats, wolves, and others, even though mine are primarily people stories.

But I do like animals.

As a young boy, you might find a wild rabbit I’d caught, birds, a chipmunk or two, a tame squirrel…we even had a skunk living at my house. I was always fascinated with squirrels which were plentiful in the oak trees in the woods that surrounded our house. I even caught and tamed a couple of them. (Now there are more rules about that, but not when I was kid)

Here, where I live in Illinois, my back yard has only had red and gray squirrels for the 30+ years we’ve been in this house. But for some reason, my favorite has always been the black squirrel. I’d see them as I traveled to other areas of the country, but never in the region where I live…until this year.

Seemingly, from out of nowhere, a single black squirrel has arrived, and decided to make my back yard its home. I’ve enjoyed watching him gather acorns alongside the red squirrels and gray squirrels.

Who knows, I might just have to work him in to one of my future books.


cindyg said...

I absolutely love the color range in squirrels! I just want to hug all of them but I know that's not possible. I watch a live cam called www.racooncam.com. Every kind of animal comes to fed here. You can control the camera yourself. They change the feeder look to match each holiday. It's very entertaining. The birds, squirrels, cats, racoons, possums and more come to drink and eat. It's so enjoyable to watch them. Hope you enjoy it! Cindy www.ideasdestiny.blogspot.com

cindyg said...
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cindyg said...

This is cindyg wanting to correct my spelling errors so boys don't get the wrong idea. Possum is spelled opossum and fed is supposed to be feed! Sorry about that!