Friday, December 26, 2008

The Truth About Boys (and Girls) and What To Do About It

As an author of action adventures & mysteries, written especially for boys, I'm always interested in finding articles where people, "get it." By that I mean that there is a very good reason why I write books for boys the way I do.

Boys are different. And when it comes to the material they like to read, they are really different.

I hope you enjoy this article, "The Truth About Boys (and Girls) and What To Do About It." After you read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Max Elliot Anderson


Jack Chrysler said...

Jacque Dixon said...

Fantastic article. What the world is missing nowadays is just what she is speaking to: there is a difference between boys and girls. Many differences. Having a son after having three daughters has been a challenge, especially now that he is becoming a man. At eleven, I am finding that it is important to treat him as a man, though he is clearly still a boy, and allow him to also be that boy.

Just yesterday, I sat in our living room as the two little boys, ages three and five, set up step stools to run up and jump off of (something I wouldn't have let the girls do, though they wouldn't have anyway). With the snow and cold wind blowing outside, I knew the little boys needed the rough play, so I let them do it for awhile. These two little guys have all of a sudden started playing rougher - driving mom crazy, I must admit - but, I know they are boys and I let them, 'til it gets out of hand!

Training our daughters to see, (try to) understand, and accept these differences is something I have been working on for a couple of years. I feel it is important, because, as the article said, the world feminizes just about everything, to the detriment of masculinity, men, and society. Our daughters will be wives one day, and knowing there is a difference between themselves and their husbands, put in there by God, is important to know and accept, even without understanding.

I loved this article. Thank you.
Mrs. Jacque Dixon