Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Great Book for Boys

If there is a boy in your home, family, or circle of friends, you’ll want to know about Dean’s Diggers by author/artist Eddie Ritz. I can tell you that if our son were growing up today, this is exactly the kind of book he would have reached for.

This unique book is colorful and informative as well as interactive. Each page contains pictures of heavy earthmoving equipment. There are flaps to open which highlight various items on each page.

The next to last page contains the alphabet and describes things like H for hammer, or W for wrench.

A favorite will surely be the puzzle on the last page. Its pieces are magnetic. They can either be stuck back onto their page, or applied to metal surfaces like your refrigerator or dishwasher.

Dean’s Diggers is a sturdy book that will hold up to lots of use, and that’s exactly what I believe this book will get.

In his promotion for the book, Eddie asks the question, “How do you get boys interested in Reading?” He answers that question with a wonderful book that you and your boys are sure to love. Find more information at

Max Elliot Anderson
Author of Action-Adventures & Mysteries especially for boys.

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Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


This sounds like a wonderful book for boys and maybe even some girls too.