Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two New Books For Boys

When my son, Jim, was growing, up, he became interested in any sport that included a ball, a puck, or an athlete. In other words, he was consumed with sports. He's # 25 on the left of this picture. Jim would have loved these books, I’m sure.

I’m happy anytime I find books that will appeal to boys, especially reluctant readers, since that's where my books are focused. Author Fred Bowen is writing just such books, published by Peachtree Publishers in Atlanta, Georgia.

From his website at you can find a lot more background information about this author. He writes, “I'm Fred Bowen. I write sports fiction for kids 8 years old and up, and a weekly sports column for kids in The Washington Post. My two newest books are Touchdown Trouble (August 2009) and Soccer Team Upset (August 2009). And I have three more books coming out next spring. Two more are in the Fred Bowen Sports Story series.”
Here is a brief synopsis from each book, again taken from Mr. Bowen's site.

Touchdown Trouble

The StorySam loves playing for the Cowboys. His teammates always pull together and play to win. Their effort pays off big-time when they beat their arch rival in a hard-fought game. But their celebration doesn’t last long. Sam makes a discovery that threatens their victory and their team spirit. Can Sam keep the Cowboys together or will his discovery destroy the team?

Soccer Team Upset

The StoryIt is just the beginning of the soccer season, but Tyler is pumped. His team is stacked with awesome players and they have a real shot at being league champions. When a couple of the stars consider leaving to play on a travel team, Tyler is furious. Then he finds out that star-power isn’t the only way to win games.

These new books will interest reluctant readers, avid readers, boys and girls. If you have a sports nut in your house, like I did, I’m sure the books will score points big time.

Nice Job, Fred.


Cathy Puett Miller said...


Do you know John H. Ritter's books? They are great sports stories but are bigger than the sport. You can google John to see all his books or visit Amazon or one of the other big sites. He's easily found.

fantasiabooks said...

Hey Max thanks for providing information about the author and about the books..I was looking for some books for boys ..and boys will definitely love sport books.