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Exclusive Interview with Sam, Tony, & Tyler of Lost Island Smugglers

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INTERVIEWER: This is the first interview that has been granted by these three heroes, Sam Cooper, Tony Dodd, and Tyler Erickson, since their dangerous adventure out on Lost Island. Now their story is about to be told in a brand new Sam Cooper Adventure book, called Lost Island Smugglers.

We can use their real names, because no one actually knows where they live. But due to the massive drug smuggling operation they uncovered, we are only allowed to show sketches of the boys, and are not permitted to photograph their faces.

Tony, let’s start with you. What can you tell us about Harper’s Inlet and what happened to you three brave boys?

TONY: Well, because we stopped some pretty bad people from bringing any more drugs in through our port, we can’t use the real name of our town for the new book.


SAM: Right. I guess it’s kinda like what they did in To Kill a Mockingbird.

INTERVIEWER: And what was that?

SAM: You know, it was a small town in Alabama, but they changed the real name. And in that story, the peoples’ names were changed too.

INTERVIEWER: I see. And Tony, I understand that one of your father’s boats was destroyed in the storm.

TONY: Biggest storm I ever saw. That boat didn’t have a chance.

INTERVIEWER: Did you get in trouble for that?

TONY: Boy did I ever!

TYLER: We all got grounded.

SAM: Right, but part of that was to make sure we were safe.

TONY: That and because your parents didn’t want you hanging around us and getting in more trouble.

SAM: That’s true.

INTERVIEWER: So, Tyler, were you ever afraid out there?

TYLER: Every second. Especially when those guys came into the cove with their roaring jet boats. The shark’s teeth and blood painted on the sides of their boats still give me goose bumps when I think about them. Here, just look at my arms.

INTERVIEWER: Sam, how did you boys survive out there?

SAM: I’d rather one of the guys tell it.

TONY: I will. Sam’s the kinda guy who can figure out just about anything. He knows how to build a shelter, start a fire, find food and water…he knew everything.

TYLER: Yeah, and the signal fires. Don’t forget about the signal fires he had us make.

INTERVIEWER: Did you learn anything from your experiences in the storm and on the island?

SAM: We learned that it’s important to tell the truth, and that if you’re gonna go someplace, make sure you tell somebody and that you get permission.

TONY: That's for sure. At least then the Coast Guard would have known where to look for us. That was my fault.

TYLER: It was all our faults.

INTERVIEWER: Are you still afraid now?

TONY: The FBI and the drug officers did a good job of hiding who we are and where we really live. But since Lost Island, we’ve had some other amazing adventures. I think they might write a book about those too.

INTERVIEWER: Oh really! What can you tell us about them?

SAM: Only the titles.

INTERVIEWER: And what are they?

TONY: Captain Jack’s Treasure and River Rampage.

SAM: But we shouldn’t give away any of the stories. Else nobody’d wanna buy the books.

INTERVIEWER: I see. Are there any other adventures in your future?

TYLER: I sure hope not. Only, with these two, anything could happen.

TONY: Yeah, and it probably will.

SAM: It’s not that bad.

TYLER: Please!

INTERVIEWER: I have this sketch of you boys. Do you think that could be dangerous for you?

SAM: With the drug guys?


TONY: Nah. I’m not really that fat anyway, and Sam doesn’t look that good.

TYLER: You are too, Tony.

TONY: Watch it Erickson.

INTERVIEWER: Well, it’s been a pleasure talking with you brave boys. And I’ll be careful to keep your identities and location secret. Is there anything more you’d like to tell my readers?

SAM: Sure. I hope somebody makes a movie about one of our adventures some day.

TYLER: That’d be so cool.

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Great idea and great post! I'm going to have to start getting your books. (and maybe use some of your ideas if I can ever finish my book and get it published)

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Nicely done Max. Clever idea.