Friday, September 03, 2010

Comments about Lost Island Smugglers

Reviews are coming in, and that will continue over the next several weeks. Here are a few comments...

--"Sam Cooper Adventures are like good, family movies . . . as an ordinary kid finds himself in exciting and extra-ordinary adventures!" Bill Myers - author

--"As usual, Anderson injects strong principles to live by in a way that children can understand."

--"We did Lost Island Smugglers as a bed-time read aloud, and everyone thought that it was great. It is certainly an exciting, action-packed adventure story that both boys and girls will enjoy."

--"I would say that this is probably going to be my favorite of his books. That is until the next one comes out and I read it."

--"Lost Island Smugglers is a quality book full of family values that will keep your preteen boy entertained."

--"This book moves at a fast pace. There are no slow parts where your child will lose interest. It’s full of “Oh, no”s and “Now what are they going to do”s. My children enjoyed it thoroughly."

--"Because my son is such a reluctant reader, I knew he would not read anything I handed him, so we read this aloud. My daughter enjoyed the story just as much as my son did. I believe my son may actually read (on his own) the next book in the Sam Cooper Adventure."

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