Monday, April 06, 2009

WIN a copy of Lay Ups and Long Shots

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WIN this book!

A new book, LAY-UPS and LONG SHOTS, has recently been released by Darby Creek Publishing. The book is going into its second printing. It contains my short story, BIG FOOT, which shares the pages with fellow children’s authors Joseph Bruchac, Terry Trueman, David Lubar, Dorian Cirrone, CS Perryess, Jamie McEwan, and Peggy Duffy.

This is a beautiful hardcover book. When the dust jacket is removed, a laminated cover, with the same artwork, is revealed.

The inside flap promo copy for my story reads, “Max Elliot Anderson puts his best foot forward with a story about the new kid in town with an unusual ability.”

The back cover copy also reads, “Sometimes in life, success is a long shot – other times it’s as easy as a lay-up. Nine contemporary children’s authors bring their A game to the pages of Lay-Ups and Long Shots – an action-filled anthology that depicts the obstacles and hurdles that all athletes must overcome to achieve success in a sport. With tales of basketball, football, soccer, running, surfing, BMX racing, and even Ping-Pong, you are sure to find a short story that will inspire the athlete within.”

If you have a sports junkie in your family, classroom, or circle of friends, LAY-UPS and LONHG SHOTS is sure to pull them in…even reluctant readers.

How to enter:

Send me the funniest sports story – from any sport - you’ve heard, seen, or had happen to you or your family member or friends. Email your story – it can be as short as a paragraph – to me at by Friday, April 10, at 5:00 PM Central time.

I’ll go through them and select the winner. I’ll sign the book. I’ll also contact the winner for a mailing address and who the book should be signed to. I may post some of the best here later.

Have fun.


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