Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Comfort Publishing Announces Plans to Re-launch Popular Youth Literature Series

Concord, NC (May 2010) -Comfort Publishing announces today that is has signed popular children’s adventure and mystery author, Max Elliot Anderson, to a contract that involves re-publishing seven of his very successful youth mysteries, as well as a new addition to the series!

Comfort Publishing, located in Concord, North Carolina, is picking up where Anderson's previous publisher left off due to economic pressures.

Titles to be republished by Comfort Publishing include Newspaper Caper, Terror at Wolf Lake, North Woods Poachers, Mountain Cabin Mystery, Big Rig Rustlers, Secret of Abbott’s Cave, and Legend of the White Wolf. A new book, Barney and the Runaway, will also be published. All titles will have new cover art and look upon their re-release.

“We are excited to have Max as part of the Comfort Publishing family of authors,” said Jason Huddle, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing. “Mr. Anderson has already proven himself as a successful author in his genre and we look forward to being a part of that success as he moves forward with this series of books for young men!”

“Over a period of three-and-a-half years,” Mr. Anderson added, “I wrote 35 manuscripts. Now I’m glad I did that.” Each book has different characters, locations, and plots.

“I began writing in 2001 because I grew up hating to read,” Anderson said. “Now, with a recent study released by the Center on Education Policy, which spotlights the difficulties boys have with reading, my books seem to be coming out at just the right time.”

Mr. Anderson began writing his action-adventures and mysteries geared toward boys ages 8 – 13. They are equally enjoyed by girls. Even adults find his books hard to put down. One child recently noted, “Reading one of your books is like being in an exciting movie.”

Further details can be found on Mr. Anderson’s blog, Books for Boys, at http://booksandboys.blogspot.com This blog consistently ranks # 1 on Google, when searching for information about books for boys. Comfort Publishing will announce the publishing dates for these books soon.


Janet Squires said...

Hi Max,
Thanks for the comment you left at my blog All About the Books with Janet Squires. Congratulations on the relaunch of your book and best wishes for your success with your new books.

max said...

Thank you Janet.

ccarpinello said...

Hi Max,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love reading and hope that my King Arthur books will find their way into young readers hand. I have been visiting schools and doing writing workshops for the Girl Scouts.

Congrats on your books. They sound intriguing. Would love to review them for my blog, if you have review copies available.

Would be appreciated if you stopped by more, even subscribed. I'm going to subscribe to your blog. This is right up my thinking.


max said...

Thank you Cheryl,

I appreciate your nice comments.