Saturday, May 29, 2010

Something for younger readers.

I’m happy to introduce you to the Tessy & Tab Reading Club Magazine. I can tell you that, had these been available when our children where little, we would have loved them. Each issue has a single theme.
The issues sent for review include:

On an Airplane

Flag Football

Fire Station Trip

Moving Day

Making Monsters


Ghost Party

Get in Trouble

Camping Trip

Making Pizzas

Cool at the Pool


Soccer Game

At the end of each magazine, there is a section for kids to look for pictures from the story and special words. There are also simple questions to be answered. Each story features one letter and one number.

The magazine is for ages 2 – 6. It comes in the mail two times per month.

Tessy & Tab are simply delightful. They make reading and learning fun for even the youngest child. For more information, see their web site at:  

"Great magazine...great concept...makes me wish our children were small all over again." Max Elliot Anderson, Children's Author

Samples of the magazine were provided for this review.

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