Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Dallas Cow...BOYS

Okay, I know that this is supposed to be a blog about books for boys. So I’m stretching it just a little in order to tell you about a fun experience I had this past weekend with the Dallas cow…BOYS.

I got a call several days ago about shooting a post game TV program for the Dallas Cowboys at the game last Sunday night in Chicago. Left the house around noon on Sunday and returned at 2 AM.

We met at the satellite truck at 3:00 to get our instructions, then proceeded to a location right in front of the Cowboys locker room and adjacent to the tunnel they used to go out onto the field. After we set up our two cameras, lights, and sound, we were free to roam around until the beginning of the 4th quarter. So we took an elevator and went up to the press section. Our credentials allowed us to stand in that area, on the second level, on the 50 yard line. Great seats...I mean feets. I stood two booths down from Al Michaels and John Madden. I'd seen John's motor coach downstairs earlier. You might know that he hates to fly.

We headed back to our camera position at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

We shot a 30 minute interview show, after the game, which was sent back to Dallas by satellite. We interviewed Jerry Jones - Cowboys owner, Tony Romo - quarterback, and three other Cowboys players. Of course, they were pretty happy because they had just crushed the Bears.

When we finished, an army of people descended on our position. As soon as we closed up a case, someone grabbed it and ran to a rental truck which sped off to the airport and put everything on the team plane back to Dallas.

It was a long day, but interesting and fun.

Also this past week, I had a 30 minute radio interview which you can find at scroll down to my name.

Here is an new online interview


Karen said...

Max, I saw your FCW post about the shoot you did for the Cowboys. Cool!

I'm not a pro football fan (crazy about college ball), but anything TV-video-film related interests me. Our son is the reason. He wants to be a filmmaker.

Bastet said...

Being a Chicagoan, I found this interesting. I have no interest in the Chicago Bears at all, but my husband is a confirmed Dallas Cowboys fan--so he'd appreciate it.

My game is baseball. Go, Cubs!

Lynn Voedisch, author of "Excited Light"