Saturday, September 15, 2007

School Visits

School has started again and one of the most enjoyable experiences for an author of action-adventures and mysteries for kids is having the opportunity to go to their schools and speak.

My first school visit of 2007 took place on Friday. I have another on Monday.

Here’s a link that gives more information about the program I give.

On Friday, I spent 2 ½ hours with the students. That might seem like a long time, but we cover a lot of ground. And in each school, teachers and administrators make a point to come and tell me afterwards that they are amazed at how the kids were so attentive and participated for such a long time.

I like speaking in schools because it’s an opportunity to interact with the intended audience for my books. And like every school before, when I ask if there are any who don’t like to read, several hands go up. Most of these are boys. Next I ask why, and the responses are always the same. Books are boring. They’d rather be playing video games or playing at the computer…ANYTHING but reading a book. And the list goes on and on.

These are the reasons why I began writing books for boys 8 – 13 because I hated to read when I grew up. My film and video production background plays a big part in the way that I write for kids. Girls like the stories too.

Not only did I hate reading as I grew up, I hated school too. Who would have thought that I’d ever look forward to the school year starting up again?

But I do.

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