Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Bird Adventure

Once I discovered a nest of robins, in the pine tree just outside my front door, I began documenting their development, by taking pictures every few days.

On Saturday, when we came home from running errands, we heard a great commotion. Adult robins dive-bombed something as it raced away from the nest. Apparently a squirrel had come too close, and several birds attacked him as he fled.

Well, today provided more high drama. While working at my computer, I heard the cries of several birds. When I went to the door, I saw something big and dark, right next to the nest. Robins flew in and out, like Phantom jets, one right after the other. I pushed open the door and clapped my hands. When I did that, a giant crow fled the nest, followed on its heels by a posse of robins.

I went nearer to the nest, to see if the intruder had done any damage during his attack. There, on the ground, lay a defenseless, little robin, still several days too early to fly. Since wildlife doesn’t especially care for the scent of humans on their young, I darted into the house, found a rubber glove, and returned to the helpless creature on the ground.

His eyes were open, and his entire, little body heaved as he gasped for each panicked breath.

He is now snuggled back in the nest with his brothers and sisters, but I’m going to have to become a sentry until I know that crow is finally gone.

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cathikin said...

Aww. I'm glad to know he is okay. I have little love for crows or anything else that attacks little baby birds. If the parents knew how you helped, and could talk, I imagine they would thank you for your help!