Saturday, June 14, 2008


This has been a season of massive flooding in some parts of the country. Here, in the Midwest, it is especially so.

The Rock River, where I dropped my message bottle, two weeks ago, is at flood stage in a few areas, with more forecast in the days ahead. Rains caused the failure of Lake Delton, in the Wisconsin Dells, completely emptying out the lake.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is experiencing epic flooding, of historic proportions. I saw a report yesterday about the potential for flooding of the Mississippi.

Our hearts go out to those who are battling the floodwaters, and losing those battles.

But I couldn’t help wondering about the message I sent in that bottle on May 31. No one could have known about the weather conditions that would follow. I’m wondering, now, if the bottle will ever be found. Or, if it is found, how far away from the river that might be.

Stay tuned.


Trevor Cairney said...

We have been concerned in Australia about the terrible floods in the States. Having once lived in Indiana I took notice when I saw the problems there and was shocked by the images of Cedar Rapids. Our prayers are with the many people affected.

tburchell97 said...

Hi there,
I found your blog based on your robins link. We too, have had a nest of baby robins that have been plagued with 'issues' this year.

The flooding as well. We are in Virginia and it's been heat indexes of 110 during the day and torrential hail storms, tornadoes, and severe thunder storms in the afternoon and nights causing significant flooding throughout the state. Here in our town, the constant loss of electricity coupled with the high rains has caused flooding in homes and basements from almost everyone we know. Our prayers go out nationwide to everyone dealing with the storms and flooding.

My six yo ds can NOT wait to hear the amazing ending on the robins lol! :) He thinks its so great that your blog is for 'boys' lol! Check out our family nature studies too at