Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saving a Robin’s Life – continued

You may remember my previous account when I discovered a large crow attacking a robins’ nest I’d been watching for several days. Adult robins tried their best to fight off the intruder, but he was intent on having a hot meal.

That’s when I sprang into action to scare him away. After checking the nest, I thought to look on the ground and see if any babies had been booted out. There was one that had fallen into the grass. I went into the house, grabbed a rubber glove, so I wouldn’t get my scent on his body, and replaced the frightened, little guy to his home in my Scotch Pine tree.

Then I continued watching, in the days ahead, as they developed.

Come back again for more of this story. It has an AMAZING ending, with pictures for each installment. It’s priceless!
Make sure the kids in your life get to read this too. It's exactly the kind of adventure that boys will love. Part # 2 coming soon.

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