Monday, June 23, 2008

High Interest, Low Reading Level Books Encourage Readers

You're probably familiar with the web site, It's a great place to go for all kinds of information. has just completed a page about my books for boys, that does an excellent job of explaining what it is that I'm attempting to do with my writing.

You can find it at:


Jonathan West said...

I'm high interested in your low reading level books. Keep up the stuff you do.

MK said...

Hi Max-
Thanks for checking out my blog. I've enjoyed looking through all your great information. I also searched my local library for your books. Unfortunately, they don't have any of them, but I did make a purchase request. Thanks again for all of your great work.

elysabeth said...

Hi Max,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Vivian is my publisher and will be doing the presentation and if you happen to be in the area or nearby, you might want to stop by our booth Labor Day Weekend. Don't forget to tell folks about the new geography series coming out. The books are pretty easy readers, so I think they may fall in the high interest, low reading level books. They aren't too difficult, although some of the clues to the state (actual trivia or factoid information) may seem high level but it's not anything that can't be found online or anywhere else - see you in the postings - E :)

Elysabeth Eldering

Coming soon, STATE OF WILDERNESS, book 1 of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state mystery trivia series.

ChristineMM said...

Hi Max,
Can you give us an approximate 'reading level' for your books?

I see they were referenced in the article as low reading levels. However if the child is aged 9 or 10 or 11 is that still a 'low reading level' or does it assume the reader is a teenager or even in high school?

It seemed to me when I read "North Woods Poachers" that it was maybe at a grade 4-ish reading level. Am I on target or off the mark?

My son aged 10.5 with an eye tracking problem (convergence insufficency) is flying through all of your in-print books and wants more!

Due to his convergence insufficiency when I just tried to have him read a book on 5th grade level with the smaller font size and crammed in pages he struggled. It is hard in the case where the issue is not deoding-phonics and the issue is not a lack of vocabulary but a problem with the eye tracking and of the page layout. That is my challenge with this boy. Help!

PS I blogged about your books in the last week (again).

Anonymous said...

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