Saturday, May 07, 2011

Books...Boys...and NASCAR

My wife Claudia and I just spent a week with Comfort Publishing at a homeschool event in Concord, NC. I'll blog more specifically about that later.
The Charlotte Motor Speedway is about 1 mile from the front door of the resort where we stayed. Naturally I had to drive over there to see the track.

For anyone who knows me, what follows will make perfect sense. That's because I'm a NASCAR fan. And not just a fan of the sport, I've followed Jeff Gordon, specifically, since he entered the Cup Series.

Jeff lives in the Charlotte area. He drives for Hendrick Motorsports which is headquartered in Concord. My wife and I drove to the Hendrick complex to tour the garages for Jimmy Johnson (#48), Dale Earnhard Jr. (#88), Mark Martin #5), and, of course, Jeff Gordon (#24).
They were preparing Jeff's car for Darlington on the day we stopped in.

Shirley, the receptionist in Jeff and Mark's garage, turned out to be from the same area in Northern Illinois where we live. We had a nice conversation with her.

Here are a couple of pictures from the two garages.

After touring the two garages, we went over to the Hendrick Museum. Again, there were lots of cars along with trophies, helmets, race uniforms and more.

In all, we had a great time. And the best part is that the garages and museum are free! This is one of the classiest places you will ever see. Everything is first class and done well.

Too bad the Hendrick cars didn't do better at Darlington. Maybe next time.


Terry Burns said...

That is just too cool, Max

Suzanne said...

AWESOME PICTURES! One of these days we'll make it out that way and tour some of the race shops.

BTW, I understand about the race-used lug-nuts. I have some from the car Carl Edwards won it at Gateway a couple of years ago. They're bright pink and I picked them up off pit road right after the race.

max said...

Glad you liked it, Terry.

max said...

Suzanne, interesting that you were able to pick those up. In church yesterday, the comment I got from someone who heard about my Jeff Gordon race used lug nuts was, "How much do you want for them?" Naturally I don't intend to give them up.