Monday, March 23, 2009

Is technology destroying our kids' imaginations?

This is an interesting article, TV Creates 'No Ideas' Generation, that looks at television and the imagination in children, compared to reading. I hope you find it helpful.,22606,25226616-2682,00.html

Each year, when I speak to students in schools, I also stress the fact that their imagination is being stolen by others through technology.

Max Elliot Anderson


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I find that my own children's imaginative play isn't all that imaginative. It's full of tv characters or those from video games. I have been having them do a lot more reading, even if it means getting a book on tape or CD.

Latte Lady said...

I didn't read this article, yet, but I'd like to comment on your post.

My children are just now discovering the joy of reading. It's been a process but I think they are getting it!

The other day, one of them said how much they like reading because you have to use your imagination.

He said, "It's like TV in your head!"