Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sports Books for Boys by Mike Lupica

Because I write books for boys, publishers occasionally ask if I’d like to review their books for boys. You can find others who have reviewed these books for story and content, but I want to speak from the perspective of reluctant readers.

Today I’m pleased to introduce a series of sports related books by Mike Lupica. The books I received are:

Long Shot

Hot Hand

Safe at Home

Two-Minute Drill

The covers on these books are dramatic and each catches the action from the sport that is featured in the story. Young readers, especially boys, are sure to be attracted because of the graphics on these covers.

Mike Lupica is a sports reporter, including a weekly appearance on ESPN’s The Sports Reporters. This quality adds to the authenticity of his writing as he captures the flavor of each sport.

His opening paragraphs immediately identify the main character and his circumstances. For example, in the Two-Minute Drill, the story begins, “There were a lot of bad parts that came with being the new kid.”

In Hot Hand, we learn that Billy Raynor’s parents have just separated.

The books have large type, shorter sentences, and lots of dialog. These are elements that I employ in my books, and I’m pleased to see them used here.

Mike’s stories read quickly and should be enjoyed by avid and reluctant young readers, especially boys who love sports.

Max Elliot Anderson

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