Friday, March 27, 2009

Hidden Behind the Wall

This past winter, I passed a certain intersection nearly every day. One morning I noticed that heavy equipment had been moved in overnight, and several large trucks lined the street. I thought they were planning to fix the road, but the next morning revealed a great surprise.

The crew had demolished a building on the corner. This building had been right next to another, and they’d shared a common wall. It’s the wall that was left standing that caught my eye. An old painted advertisement had been uncovered promoting the soft drink, Squirt. The slogan reads, “Squirt Quenches Quicker!”

After a little online research, I learned that the ad dates back to the 1940’s. Interesting that it was hidden behind, and preserved by a wall, for all of these years. I had to return with my camera and get these pictures.

Hope you enjoy it.

Max Elliot Anderson

PS. Squirt has always been one of my favorite soft drinks!


Karen said...

Love the wall ad! We have some of those still left in Chattanooga.

Cynthia Reeg said...

That's cool, Max.
History lies all around us, ready to uncover.

I'm assuming the young boy pictured in the Squirt soft drink ad is a "little squirt." :-)

Cynthia Reeg

Charlotte said...

That was cute. I love to read and see old ads and artifacts from the
past. Thanks for sharing

max said...

I appreciate your comment, Charlotte, thank you.