Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Boys Project

Shortly after I began writing books for boys, I came across an organization while searching the Internet. It’s called
The Boys Project.

From their web site

The Boys Project

The mission of The Boys Project is to help young males develop their capabilities and reach the potential that their families and teachers know they have. The Boys Project seeks to accomplish for young men what the Girls Project so successfully accomplished for young women - to increase academic skills, to increase college success, and to develop the confidence, drive, and determination to contribute to American society.

The "Boy Crisis"

Since the late 1970's, young women have soared in college attendance while young men have stagnated. Young men's literacy is declining. Many young men are disengaging from school. Young men are less likely to be valedictorians, to be on the honor roll, and to be active in organizations like student government. Young men are more likely to get D's and F's, to be suspended or expelled from school, to drop out of school, and to commit suicide.
We are losing young boys to a sense of failure that comes from schooling poorly adapted to their needs. We are losing adolescent males to the depression that comes from feeling neither needed nor respected. We are losing young men to life tracks that include neither college nor any other energetic endeavor.

The Boys Project seeks to:

1. Showcase colleges, schools, teachers, and organizations that have succeeded in engaging young men, increasing their academic success, and developing drive and ambition.

2. Educate families, educators and the public about the challenges our young boys are facing.

3. Develop federal, state, and foundation initiatives that support relevant research and necessary legislative change.

I would encourage you to spend time exploring The Boys Project web site if you’re concerned about the education or the reading skills of the boys in your life. Read more about The Boys Project at


Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


I wonder how much of this stems from a society so concerned with elevating women that they have neglected to elevate boys to their highest potential?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will take a look at the Boy's Project.

max said...


I’m convinced that these things move in cycles and believe it will soon be time for the pendulum to swing back toward boys.

James Dashner said...

Interesting blog - thanks for taking on such a noble cause!

As an author, I always try to maintain a fine line. I primarily want my books to appeal to boys, but without alienating the girls. Sometimes that's tough!

max said...

I have the benefit of having been involved in the production of dramatic films for children. What we learned was that boys were not interested in a girl’s story, but that girls enjoyed the boys adventures and mysteries that we produced for rental.

This was the template that I used in writing my books for boys. And the result has been that reluctant reader boys as well as avid boy readers, girls, and even adults have been attracted to my books.

You do raise a good point, James, that should always be kept in mind. To get a flavor of the response, you can see over 50 pages of reviews at

Anonymous said...

you say that things move in cycles and that eventually boys education will be an actuall concern thats paid attention to by society and the government but i just dont see that happening any time soon feminists surely dont want any attention on boys issues and i havent seen too much of the boys crisis in the media i have to respectfully disagree with you sir believe me i would love it if concerns for young men and boys in school was happening today but i dont see it unfortunately and thats sad that so much attention is focused on girls education and not boys.