Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mentoring Boys with Books For Boys

I’d like to direct your attention to an organization that is mentoring boys. It’s called Boys Smarts. They have a newsletter, and other resources to help you. The following is taken from their web site:

“Educators and parents hoping to inspire boys to excel at school now have a new tool at their disposal; Boy Smarts - Mentoring Boys for Success at School. In this book, you will find 100 imaginative and practical guidelines for authentic engagement in meeting boys' varied learning needs. The guidance offered here can help parents and teachers in the challenging task of understanding each boy as an individual while also working toward a community plan to raise boys' school achievement. The common sense approach offers to lay the groundwork for an action plan to mentor boys for school success - a manual for kick-starting boys integrity.”

Their web site is located at http://www.mentoringboys.com/boy_smarts.html

My publisher is also having success with mentoring boys through the use of some of my action-adventures & mysteries. One of the books they use is Legend of the White Wolf. There are other related materials to help you, and you can reach the publisher at marvin@btconcepts.com to find out more. Put “mentoring” in the subject line.

Max Elliot Anderson
Author of Books for Boys.

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