Saturday, January 24, 2009

Funny Signs

I like to collect humorous signs.

No…I don’t climb up on a pole, with a screwdriver and a wrench, and actually take them down, like a few college students I know, but I like to remember them. When I have a camera along, I make a point to keep them that way.

On a filming assignment in Virginia a few years ago, I found this one at a small airfield. We were about to go up to do some aerial video shooting.

Look at it for a moment. Now, does this mean that it’s okay to trespass…DURING business hours? That struck me funny.

What are some of the funniest signs you’ve seen?

Max Elliot Anderson
Action-Adventure & Mystery Author for Tweens


Cross Campus Ministry said...

I saw a sign once that said
two piece chicken dinner and tea $299.
the sign was at bojangles, a fast food reataurant. pretty expensive chicken

Richard C. Leonard, Ph.D. said...

There's the the often-seen sign, KEEP THIS DOOR CLOSED AT ALL TIMES. Obviously, no one could ever go through such a door. And recently I saw another in a public library rest room, DO NOT REMOVE THIS TOILET TANK COVER FOR ANY REASON. I wonder what the poor plumber does when called in to replace the valve, ballcock or some other part?

Vickie McDonough said...

I attended a writers' conference at the Glorieta Conference Center. They have these big wide halls that allow lots of folks to pass from one class to another and to the auditorium. There was a sign on the wall that read: "Keep hallway clear at all times."

Hmmm...that always struck me as funny. Kind of impossible to do with all the people walking the halls.

Erica Hogue said...

I saw a doozy of one down on the San Antonio Riverwalk a couple of years back. They were doing a major renovation on one of the buildings, and part of the Riverwalk was closed. Instead of detour signs directing people to the nearest bridge, some bright soul posted a sign that said "Keep Left". People following that sign were directed straight into the river!

Frank Creed said...

My grandmother lives in Illinois' Amish country. A local busniess sign:

Poker Chips and Used Amish Buggys


Anonymous said...

Signs that hit my funny bone are those where part of the "lit" sign is not working. You need to look twice-especially after dark.

You do wonder about the person who created the no trespassing ....smiles.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is on a little carry-out on the way to visit my granddaughter:


My son always adds, "All they need to add is 'guns'!"

Karen said...

Wish I'd had my camera for some I've seen:

Eyeglass World's lighted sign once was missing the "G" and the "L". I have trouble picturing this anomaly of anatomy, but Jay Leno would've appreciated it.

Our neighbors spell out "NOEL" on their garage door every year. One year someone got cute and switched the letters. They spelled "LEON."

Only one year did this sign appear on the marquis of the local funeral home:
"Live Nativity Here Tonight."

Anonymous said...

We had a little sign made for my son's wheelchair, like a license plate. It says, "Keep staring. I might do a trick!"

Mr. Costello said...

There is a big sign in Canada that says Caution This sign has sharp edges. Do not touch the edges of this sign in big letters. In small print at the bottom it warns that the bridge is out ahead.

Claire said...

While my sister was traveling in Asia she came across some funny signs. One read "Sorry we're open" and the other "How may we take your money?".

ianvalentino said...

There is always a sign at my school that says KEEP DOOR CLOSED AT ALL TIMES, but, incidentally this door is often open...