Thursday, January 29, 2009

School Visit

I had the enjoyable opportunity, earlier today, to speak to around 150 students at Calvary Christian School in Naperville, Illinois. We started out in a general session with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades together. That’s where I gave the bulk of my program called Imagine.

The program includes music, sound effects, and information about how a book gets published. I also discussed the process of how and why I write books for tweens.

Next we moved into individual classroom settings where I read two chapters from an unpublished manuscript. Students then had the option of writing what they thought happens next, or how they thought the story would go, or how they thought the story would end. Those who wanted to, read their paragraphs out loud. It’s always interesting to hear the wealth of ideas.

The principal, Mr. Emery Risdall set up a book table for parents and students who were interested in purchasing copies of my books. Everyone had a good time, including me.

I'm available for a limited number of school and library visits each year.


Polly Anne said...

May I ask where are you posting your schedules of visits. I will try to catch you in Minneapolis.

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max said...

My school visits have been in the Rockford, IL reagion where I live, and in Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Linda Worden said...

I am grateful to find your blog and read some about your life. Sounds like you are faithfully following your Father. I'm anxious to expose my grandsons, ages 9 & 10 to your books. They live in Richmond, VA and I'll see them in Feb.

Haley Robinson said...

Thank you for posting interesting information. I would willingly find myself among those 150 students who you were speaking to at Calvary Christian School in Naperville, but I live too far away. I’ll read about your Imagine program though. I’ll use the info for my !!!writing service!!!.

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