Friday, January 16, 2009

Extreme cold experiments for your kids today

All the schools in our area are closed today, due to the cold. But that doesn't mean that children can't learn something from it. So, if your kids are home from school, get them off the couch, away from the TV or computer and video games, and let them try a couple of extreme cold experiments if you also live where it's very cold this morning. Homeschoolers, this can be your science lesson for the day : ))

Here are some experiments your children can try.

1. In this photo, I've just thrown hot water into the sub-zero air in Rockford, IL. It instantly turns to snow and vapor. Boys might want to put lukewarm temperature water into their mouths and spray it into the air.

2. If you have any leftover bubbles from last summer, blow them into the air and see what happens.

3. Take a glass or cup of hot water, and one of cold. See which one forms ice first.

Please add yours here if you have others, and pass this link on to your friends .

Have fun.

Max Elliot Anderson
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Dana said...

Don't know about cold specifically, but if you also have snow, a bit of juice concentrate makes a pretty good snowcone.

Better with fresh snow and if your area doesn't have much air pollution...but my kids devour the snow anyway, so I don't think I'm doing too much damage they wouldn't already be doing to themselves. :)

Cecelia Dowdy said...

I might try some of these with my 3 year old. no, he's not too young to enjoy this. He's a VERY curious child and he WATCHES everything! Doesn't miss a trick! It's literally freezing here, and I think this may amuse him!

Angie Farnworth said...

Great ideas! Even my daughter will enjoy the spitting experiment. ;)

Another idea would be to take a variety of different liquids, pour them out on the concrete, and see how long they take to freeze. If it's too cold, kids could always watch the freezing process inside from a window. Try using things like water, water with food coloring, water with vanilla (see how the alcohol of the vanilla affects freezing), pickle juice, lemon juice, lime juice, even a raw egg if you don't mind the mess too much. Thanks for inspiring us!

Anonymous said...

It's -3 here this morning with wind chills of -15. I live in Ohio. These experiments really sound like something may grandson (whom I raise) would really enjoy. Thanks for the info!

Joy said...

What cool ideas! No pun intended. Since I live in the Caribbean, I can't try any of these, but I think if I lived in the fridged north, I'd run right outside and try them all.
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max said...

Great comments and ideas.

Thank you all,


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marlene said...

Thanks for the note, we checked out your blog and found it most interesting! We are trying to keep inside as much as we can! Sure is COLD! Larry & Marlene

Anonymous said...

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