Sunday, January 04, 2009

How Can We Make Boys Love Reading?

Here is a link to a very interesting survey, How Can We Make Boys Love Reading? Some Answers from Literate Men. I think you'll find the information helpful and informative.

The web site states, "We recently surveyed several of our male authors and illustrators on their reading experiences and what they do to get boys to read, and will be posting their responses at the beginning of January. You can see it at ."

Max Elliot Anderson


JaxPop said...

Thanks Max for the post & link. It was very informative.

Precious said...

Thanks Sir Max for visiting my site. I would like to feature you for my first 'Book Blogger' for January. ^.~ I think you have an interesting and very informative blog here.

max said...


Let me know if there is anything I can do to be helpful.


Dee said...

Hi Max!!

We really appreciate your contribution to our blog. Your blog and its content are very informative and relevant to what we are doing.

Especially with Family Literacy Day coming up and an emphasis on boy's literacy happening in our board, it is great to know that we have something to refer to! Feel free to post for us anytime! Thanks!