Saturday, April 21, 2012

VIDEO - Reading Sparks Kids' Imagination

NEWS! Watch for the NEW video this week for
River Rampage, a book to be released in June, 2012. River Rampage is book #3 in the
Sam Cooper Adventure Series!

The following video will help to excite an interest in reading for the kids in your family or circle of influence.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Library Visit

Recently I participated in an event, at a library near Chicago, with 30 other authors.

This was about an hour before the event started

A woman came to my table who works as a reading specialist in their public school system. After she saw the way that the interior of my books were laid out, making them easier to read, she purchased several because she already knew that they would help her students. We talked for a long time.
If you have children or grandchildren in your family or circle of friends - especially boys - who aren't excited about reading, I'd encourage you to do what this reading specialist did. Get some of my action-adventure & mystery books, try them out, and see what happens. Many have told me that these books were the key to unlocking a love of reading in their kids. And kids say that reading them is like being in an exciting movie.

Comfort Publishing

When the Lights Go Out ISBN: 9781936695478

Terror at Wolf Lake ISBN: 9781936695966

North Woods Poachers ISBN: 9781936695058

Barney and the Runaway ISBN: 9780984559848

Legend of the White Wolf ISBN: 9781936695690

Newspaper Caper ISBN: 9781936695263

Port Yonder Press

Lost Island Smugglers ISBN: 9781935600022

Captain Jack's Treasure ISBN: 9781935600145

River Rampage June 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Code of Silence

Please check out this new book from my good friend, Tim Shoemaker for readers 11 and up.

Is there ever a time to lie? What if the truth is dangerous? Three friends witness a violent robbery, and fearing for their lives, make a pact to hide what they know. Trapped in a code of silence, they must face the consequences of choosing right or wrong--when both options have a price.

Additional Information

Code of Silence is a contemporary suspense targeted for 8-12-year-olds--specifically boys. Girls have been loving it as well.

Code of Silence takes two popular maxims, "honesty is the best policy" and "silence is golden" ... and puts them in the ring together to fight it out.

Code of Silence is the first in a three-book series published by Zonderkidz.

330 pages

A story that will hold a boy's attention. And works as a great book for a parent to read aloud to reluctant readers.
Not a fantasy, a story about a star athlete, or of a kid with amazing or supernatural abilities, Code of Silence is the story of three regular kids that get in way over their heads. It will relate well with with the average boy.


None in officially yet, although there were some great comments from the editor and pub board.

Comments from Readers

"Whoa, what an AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME ending! I absolutely LOVED your book!"

Kristy Sorensen, 8th grade teacher

"I loved your book! It was amazing. It was one of the best books (of its kind) I have read this year. Thank you for this amazing book. I will recommend it to all my friends. I can't wait to read the next two!

Josiah B., age 13

"Connor LOVED the book . . . he finished it in 2 days. He gave it to his best friend, Nick, who loved it and did a report on it for his Language Arts Class. Connor and Nick can hardly wait for second book in the series!"

Paige K., mom of Connor, age 11

"The kids keep asking me 'Are we going to read more from the book today?' and 'When are we going to read more Code of Silence?' They are so geeked on this novel thus far, you coming in would send them over the edge!"

Wendy Fanella, 5th grade teacher

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NEW book - River Rampage, for readers 8 - 13 coming soon from Max Elliot Anderson

Book # 1 Lost Island Smugglers

Book #1 in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series

Sam Cooper had just moved to Harper's Inlet when he met Tony. Tony's father owned a marina. Sam, Tony, and Tyler took scuba lessons together. After they completed the course, the boys decided to try out their new skills in the real world...the ocean. The only problem was, no one had permission. Everything went well until the biggest storm Tony had ever seen blew up from out of nowhere, and the boys found themselves stranded on Lost Island. But, if they thought the worst had happened, they were wrong!

Book # 2 Captain Jack's Treasure

Book #2 in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series

Sam Cooper lives right near the ocean, on the Treasure Coast of Florida. All he's heard about since he moved here are the fabulous treasures that have been found, and those still waiting to be discovered. Sam, Tony, and Tyler are convinced that they will be the ones to dig up the next great find. They meet a crusty sea captain named Jack who's fixing up an impossible looking old tub. What is Captain Jack's mysterious secret? And what is he really planning to do with that boat?

Book # 3 River Rampage - Coming Soon!
Sam Copper and his friends have the chance of a lifetime to go rafting down the mighty Colorado River. The rains have been heavy this season, turning the raging river even more treacherous. The boys become separated from the main group, their rubber raft is going flat, and now they’re on their own. They have their hands full with a crusty prospector, his gold mine, a gang of outlaw bikers, and a desperate river escape on their makeshift wooden raft.
Think that’s the worst that could happen?
Well, it isn’t.