Friday, August 28, 2009

Exciting Books and Workbooks for Your Reading Program

Are you looking for a reading program that will excite your struggling, reluctant, and proficient readers, all at the same time? Then the action-adventure & mystery books by Max Elliot Anderson could be exactly what you’re looking for…especially for the boys in your classroom.

Children report that reading one of these books is like being in an exciting or scary movie.

That’s partly because Mr. Anderson has been involved in the production of films, television commercials, and video programs for his entire life.

He also grew up as a struggling, reluctant reader himself.

His books have already been used successfully with students for nearly six years.

Each book has a workbook available. In addition to a teacher’s section with all the answers, the workbook contains the following:

Chapter tests

Vocabulary lessons for each chapter

Find-a-word page for each chapter

Crossword puzzle page for each chapter

Books are available from the publisher,, the author, or Barnes & Noble. Libraries can order books from Baker & Taylor. (see addresses and links below)

Workbooks are available only from the publisher (see addresses and links below)

NORTH WOODS POACHERS $10.95 0-9729256-8-6
The Washburn families have been coming to the same cabins, on the same lake, catching the same fish, for about as long as Andy can remember. And he's sick of it. This summer would be different he decided. Only he never imagined how different. The story is filled with excitement, danger, humor, and drama. In the end, Andy learns the concepts of family tradition, that God loves justice while He hates injustice, and it is important to follow the rules. Readers will enjoy the gigantic, jet-powered floatplane, computers, home made radio transmitter, and naturally, no one will ever forget Big Wally. He’s a fish of course.

MOUNTAIN CABIN MYSTERY $10.95 0-9729256-3-5
Scott and his friends had dreamed and prepared for their first wilderness camping adventure. When they become separated from their group in a mountain fog, trouble begins. There was that bear, the decrepit suspension bridge over a bottomless gorge, the sheer cliff in the dark, those terrorists in the remote cabin, the Army, the helicopter ride, and…
This story reminds us what happens if one of God's lambs is lost.

BIG-RIG RUSTLERS $10.95 0-9752880-1-6
Todd and Amanda live with their parents in a Midwestern city. The family doesn’t go to church. The children are invited to visit their uncle, aunt, and cousin Drew, on their Wyoming ranch over spring break. Todd learns, in a unique way, why stealing is wrong. He decides to choose a new path for his life because of his uncle’s Christian example. A band of high-tech cattle rustlers are caught, revealing that Todd was also wrong about Travis, a shadowy character.
Read about the round up, rattlesnake, and rustlers.

THE SECRET OF ABBOTT'S CAVE $10.95 0-9752880-0-8
A detective, a police scanner, and a cave offered possibilities for danger and excitement. Who are the real heroes in America? Randy and his friends pooled their resources to go cave exploring, discovered the hidden loot from a bank robbery, and learned they weren't heroes at all.

LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF $10.95 0-9752880-3-2
They didn’t call him a liar; they just couldn’t believe his story. Brian Fisher was determined to prove it was true even though it involved the risk to his own safety. His rescue of a wolf pup from a steel trap results in a mysterious relationship with surprising results. The story is set in the lower elevations near Yellowstone

NEWSPAPER CAPER $10.95 0-9729256-4-3
(Currently out of print - 2nd printing planned) Tom Stevens was a super salesman. He and his friends delivered newspapers early every morning. Along their route, the boys often saw some pretty strange things. Then one day they actually became the story. Readers will like the humor, attack dogs, car thieves, and the chop shop Tom and the others uncover. This story reminds us of how important friendship is. It also teaches God isn't just for emergencies. He wants to guide our lives every day.

TERROR AT WOLF LAKE $10.95 0-9729256-6-X
(Currently out of print - 2nd printing planned)
Eddy Thompson was known for one thing and one thing only. Eddy was a cheater. He cheated on anything, anytime, anywhere, until something happened up at Wolf Lake. It wasn’t the brutal cold. It wasn’t when he fell through the ice. It wasn’t even when two scary men arrived at their remote cabin. What happened would change Eddy’s life…forever. (currently out of print)

To help you decide which titles will work best for your young readers, see over 50 pages of reviews at

You already know that reading is critically important in the education of children. Now you have books available that are proven to attract young readers, and hold their attention to the very last word, on the very last page, of the very last chapter.

Each book is bigger with larger type, humor, lots of dialog, shorter sentences, and heart-pounding action. The stories include moral, character, and spiritual principles that reviewers report are not preachy, and in books that don’t talk down to the reader.

And remember, readers are the leaders others follow.

To order signed books $10.95 each plus $5 shipping/handling for up to 3 books, $10 for 4 or more books.

Max Elliot Anderson
P O Box 4126
Rockford, IL 61110

Baker Trittin Press books and workbooks

Baker Trittin Press
PO Box 277
Winona Lake, IN 46590

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Be-A-Famous-Writer CONTEST at Mrs P Com

I'd like to tell you about an excellent site for children at Mrs.P .Com is a fun storybook entertainment site that celebrates reading and books. Classic children’s stories are brought to life by TV star Kathy Kinney as Mrs. P.

FREE - is a free, safe and secure site for children, with no ads or subscription fees.

READ ALONG OPTIONS - Ideal for beginning readers, ESL and even home-schooling.

INTERACTIVE FUN - Animated kid games and great kid activities.

KIDS VIDEOS - New, free children's stories are always being added to the Magic Library.

CONTEST! - Mrs. P’s “Be-A-Famous-Writer” Click here for details...

This is a great site for children in public schools, Christian schools, or home school.

Have fun at
Max Elliot Anderson

Monday, August 24, 2009

Driving, Taking a Shower, or Mowing the Grass

Several months ago, I temporarily stopped writing book-length manuscripts, in order to build my platform as an author, and because I had already completed a number of action-adventure & mystery manuscripts (28 yet to be published).

It's interesting what happened next. While I was writing on a regular basis, ideas seemed to invade my mind constantly. This always happened while driving, taking a shower, or mowing the grass. After I curtailed my writing schedule, the ideas also dropped off. I should say that I also have at least 12 fully developed ideas for additional adventures & mysteries. But what has been happening lately, is that concepts for picture books have begun their invasion.

At the present time, two manuscripts from these ideas have been completed. Then, as I was mowing my grass on Saturday, the concept for a third picture book swooped down from out of nowhere. It was funny to listen later to my dictation on a small recorder that I use in these instances. In the distance, you can hear the lawn mower chugging outside while I spoke into the recorder and breathed like an Olympic distance runner.

What I take away from this experience is awe and appreciation for the creative process, especially when we recognize that it has little to do with us.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

For Writers of Children's Books

Here's a link from Fightin' Bookworm that writers may find helpful.

Children's Book Publishers & Young Readers - How to Wow Them With Your Story

Children's Book Publishers & Young Readers - How to Wow Them With Your Story

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where In The World?

Today I’m sending a set of my books to a family that will be moving to China soon. The order reminded me of an email I received a few weeks ago, from Sri Lanka, from a young reader who had a copy of one of my books.

As any author will tell you, writing is such a solitary life. We get so wrapped up in our characters and their predicaments, that we sometimes forget the real world outside. Once I was talking with my older brother in California. As we ended the conversation I said, “I’d like to keep talking with you, but I left my characters on a raft, in the middle of the raging, Colorado river, so I’d better get back there and help them out.”

So it is always amazing to me when people find what we write to be interesting, entertaining, and enjoyable in their lives.

(Above is a picture of my quiet writing space.)

Even more amazing is to think that, not only are copies my books scattered across the country, they’re also finding their way into other countries. Makes me wonder how many. I know that my books are listed on Amazon in England, France, Germany, and Japan.

To anyone who has ever bought one of my books…thank you. And for those who are looking forward to more of them in the future, I hope to have some news for you about that in the next few months.

Max Elliot Anderson
PS. Authors - where are some of the places you've heard that your books have traveled?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Do you have a fantasy reader at your house? Then you need to know about a new book that will be released this fall,

Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse

BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE is the first in a series of books for children and young adults. Awake on the night of March 3, 2003, Kaleb Nation, then age fourteen, suddenly had the idea of a boy and a banker sitting on a rooftop, waiting for a burglar to come. From that image was born the story of Bran Hambric, a teen boy who was found in a bank vault when he was six years old with no memory of his past. The first novel would take most of Kaleb’s teenage years to write. In THE FARFIELD CURSE, Bran finds that he is at the center of a plot which started years before he was even born: the plot of a deadly curse his mother created that her former masters are now hunting for him to complete. The book is set for a planned release in Fall 2009.

See the video trailer here:

ENTER to Win!!

Pre-Order Prize Giveaway-- (US ONLY) Any person who pre-orders Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse, and sends their e-receipt or scanned receipt to will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following prizes:- Personalized copy of The Farfield Curse (give your copy to a friend!)- Personalized early reader copy of Book 2- Personalized Bran Hambric poster- Half Moon Necklace- Signed CD of soundtrack- $25 gift certificate to local bookstore- Kaleb Nation event at local bookstore (fall 2010)One entry per book ordered (so as many entries as books ordered). Receipts must be dated prior to pub date – September 9, 2009 and bear the subject heading “Bran Hambric Pre-Order Competition.” Winners to be announced September 30, 2009

WIN a Bran Hambric Half Moon Necklace & exclusive Kaleb Nation event invite! Any person who links to the book’s pages on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Borders on their social networking accounts (ex: facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube, blogs, etc), AND posts a short opinion of the book in those locations, will receive a Bran Hambric Half Moon Necklace and will be given a secret password to participate in a Blog TV event with Kaleb, where he will reveal secrets from the next book in the Bran Hambric series! Links and reviews must be posted and the link emailed to us at before September 30th and include full name & mailing address in email. Please use the subject line “Bran Hambric Sneak Peak.”

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

News About Sue Clark

In an email this morning from my sister...

"We have been in contact with IMB personnel in Ghana who have been wonderful about visiting Susan twice a day in the hospital in Ghana. Sue is still very weak, is undergoing testing, but has been able to breathe on her own and keep up her oxygen levels. It will be a long haul to get back on her feet (still unable to navigate on her own). Thank you so much for all your prayers. Naoma"

This will be my last update, since we now know that the recovery process will take a long time. Thank you all.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Email Update Sue Clark

My sister writes this morning,

"I just talked with the missionary who visited Susan this morning along with the Christian doctor (Southern Baptist missionary doctor) who was vacationing in Accra, Ghana and volunteered to step in to help the rather excellent hospital staff and learned Sue had a restful night (sedated), the ventilator has her oxygen levels up to normal, and as soon as they determine she can breathe on her own, the tube will be removed. We need to pray for healing of her lungs because the danger can come if bacteria escapes into her blood stream. Also that her lungs won't be scarred."

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Further update on Sue

My siter just emailed, "I just talked with the person in Ghana who is checking on Sue and she has taken a bad turn. Oxygen levels going down and she has to be on a respirator to help her breathe. We had been hoping to talk with her, but she didn't feel strong enough to do that. More prayer, please."

Update on Susan Clark In Africa

Word this morning from Africa is that Susan is responding well to the antibiotics and treatments and is ...ah, wonderful words, "resting comfortably." They plan to arrange for her to call later today. This has been an awesome time of helplessly trusting our Heavenly Father. Thank you for all your prayers. So meaningful to feel the warm concern of believers who are asking for healing. Don't know yet how long she'll be kept in Ghana but will let you know. Naoma Clark

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Prayer for my Niece in Africa

I have a niece, Susan Clark, who is a missionary in Niger, Africa. At this moment, she is being flown by bush plane, to be transferred to a medical evacuation aircraft, and flown to Ghana. From there they plan to take her either to Germany of France for treatment. She has a respiratory illness, described as pneumonia with acute respiratory distress syndrome. She's been serving all alone at her remote location in Niger, and we're unsure about the potential outcome just now. If you think to pray for her, I would appreciate it.