Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not the Super Bowl

My original title for this PooPa picture was Super Bowl. However, since the two universities where our children graduated – Jim, Northwestern University & Northwestern University School of Law, and Sarah, Auburn University – will be playing in the Outback Bowl on Friday morning, we’ll temporarily have to call this picture, Family Bowl.

Never in our wildest dreams would we ever have expected our childrens’ schools to meet in a bowl game – just think of the statistical improbability. Now they will.

You can catch the game on ESPN at 11:00 AM Eastern time / 10:00 Central where we live.

So, it may not be the Super Bowl, but it'll be super to us none the less.


PS. What's the funniest thing your pet ever did, or that you did with your pet?

Monday, December 28, 2009

PooPa The Graduate

Here’s the next PooPa picture.

I hope you had a great Christmas…we did.

Later this week, our son, a Northwestern University and Northwestern School of Law graduate, and our daughter, an Auburn University graduate, will be traveling to Tampa, FL for the Outback Bowl. The most amazing thing is that their two schools, from the Big Ten and the SEC, will be playing each other in that game.

This could NEVER happen. And it will likely NEVER happen again. The picture above is in honor of the schools our children graduated from and the game to come.

So, if you’re a football fan, you might want to catch the game on January 1. It’s in the morning.


Monday, December 21, 2009

My Favorite Teacher

Keep posting stories about your favorite dog or cat of all time and why.

This is picture # 3 of the favorite from our family, PooPa.

More to follow.

Max Elliot Anderson

Saturday, December 19, 2009

"A Dog and His Boy" Books

As promised, here's the next picture. PooPa liked to call this, "A Dog and His Boy" books collection.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

“One Gallon Dog in a Ten Gallon Hat.”

Over the next few days, I’m going to post pictures of the greatest dog I ever owned. Her name was PooPa. How’d she get a name like that? It’s the sound of the words children in Germany use to say “little doll.”

Several years ago, I was interested in developing a picture book with this small wonder, and add captions to my photographs. PooPa loved to perform and to please. I call the following picture:

“One Gallon Dog in a Ten Gallon Hat.”

I hope you’ll post a comment about the best dog or cat you’ve ever owned. There is nothing quite like the connection we have with our pets.

More pictures to follow over the next several days.

Max Elliot Anderson

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Limited Edition African Animal Art - Signed and Numbered

Note! Folds across images are from a scan of a printed brochure.

                                                                                                                             By Artist Philip Lasz
It was my distinct honor to know and work with Philip Lasz for several years. Phil was a missionary in Kenya, with an immense talent for capturing African animals on canvas. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer, but his love for the animals that God created, lives on in his work.
Peace Before the Storm (From edition of 1000 - Signed & Numbered in person by the artist.)

(34" × 21")

Elephant Herd on the Move (From edition of 1000 - Signed & Numbered in person by the artist.)
(34" × 21")
His Majesty (From edition of 1000 - Signed & Numbered in person by the artist.)
(34" × 21")
Greater Kudu (From edition of 1000 - Signed & Numbered in person by the artist.)

(34" × 21")

Signed & Numbered by the artist.

I still have a small supply of his beautiful, Limited Edition, signed and numbered lithographs are available for $99.95 each. These large (34" × 21") impressive works of art are perfect for the living room, den, or office. We'll pay shipping/handling.  
Rush your check before December 31 to:
The Market Place
P.O. Box 4126
Rockford, IL 61110

Questions may be emailed to

Monday, December 14, 2009

New Action-Adventure-Mystery comming soon

Sam, Tony, and Tyler had just finished taking a scuba course at the marina that Tony’s dad owned.

They couldn’t wait to try out what they’d learned in the marina pool. Now they headed out to the open ocean for their first real dive.

The weather looked fine when the boys left port that early morning, but there were a few problems.

Tony didn’t have permission for the rental boat, or any of the diving equipment. Nobody checked the weather, and nobody asked permission to go out that day.

These boys were about to face more trouble than they knew, and the storm was only part of it.

Watch this blog for further details on
a NEW action-adventure-mystery
from author
Max Elliot Anderson.

Monday, December 07, 2009

True Heroes (Make sure to follow the link to this film)

Children today have a twisted view of what makes a real hero.

It's true. They look for their heroes in all the wrong places like professional sports, the music industry, motion pictures, TV, and a few comic books. But it would be time well spent for you and your children to sit down and watch the film, Gray Eagles  
You won't find men filled with self-pride and stuck on their own success. No, what you'll see are men who gave of themselves in WW II, came home, and went back to work.

Gray Eagles is a warm, sensitive documentary film, about a   P-51 Mustang, that will truly touch your heart.

I hope you'll watch it. It'll be time well spent. And when you do, I also hope you'll send a comment to let others know what you thought about this special story.

Thank you,
Max Elliot Anderson

PS. The action-adventure & mystery books that I write for kids, usually present a humble hero who doesn't want to be thought of as a hero...just like the true hero in Gray Eagles.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mentoring Boys

An excellent site I like to recommend is Mentoring Boys. My daughter teaches 2nd grade, and we've discussed how classroom behavioral problems might improve, if boys were allowed to go out and run off steam for a half hour in the morning and again in the afternoon. She agrees that it would help a lot.

Teachers will especially appreciate Mentoring Boys. You can sign up to receive their newsletter.

Find out more at:

Max Elliot Adnerson

Thursday, December 03, 2009

A New Action-Adventure & Mystery is comming

It's too early to give any of the details yet, and the new book is still months away, but since so many have asked when there will be any new titles available, I wanted to give you a heads up.

The contract is written, but not signed yet, although the manuscript is written and just needs another revision or two.

But if you like the idea of a story with three boys, jet-powered speedboats, scuba diving in the open ocean, and more excitement, mystery, and adventure than you can stand . . .

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Laughing Turkeys

I thought this was funny.

Nearly every day of the year, several groups of turkeys amble through our front and back yards like clockwork. But yesterday, Thanksgiving, not one bird showed its face.

Then, this morning, the day after Thanksgiving, I heard a bird between my house and the neighbor’s. Now, usually, they come and go, and make no noise. Sometimes, you’ll hear a light, clucking sound. But on this morning, the day AFTER Thanksgiving, I heard what could only be described as a laughing turkey.

I grabbed my camera, went outside, and snapped this picture as the birds walked across the street. To my ear, they were still making that same noise. It sounded like they were laughing as if to say, “Na na na boo boo, we survived Thanksgiving!”

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last Child in the Woods

With most American schools either enjoying or approaching Thanksgiving break, many parents wonder how to keep children occupied while they cook, clean and prep for the holiday. Perhaps this is the ideal time to revisit some classic advice from award-winning journalist Richard Louv.

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder. Richard Louv, 2005, 2008. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Read the full article:

NOTE: "Since most of my books for boys are adventures that take place outside, I'm very much in favor of this book. In fact, I'd add to the title, "And when they come back inside, have them read a book."
Max Elliot Anderson

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lemony Snicket, Book # 1 FREE

For a limited time, book # 1, The Bad Beginning,
by Lemony Snicket, is available FREE!
Check it out while you can!

Read it now

View Lemony Snicket’s video response to this latest unfortunate event.

Max Elliot Anderson
Author of
Action-Adventures & Mysteries...especially for boys.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Literacy, families and learning

Another blog that offers solutions, ideas, and help for the reluctant readers in your family, classroom, or cirlce of friends is called Literacy, families and learning. Find it at

Thursday, November 12, 2009

National Struggling Reluctant Reader Week

Okay, so it's actually National Young Reading Week November 9 - 13. However, I'm taking it a step farther in calling it National Struggling Reluctant Reader Week. Why? Because if we don't reach out to struggling, reluctant readers, then there isn't much use in simply setting aside a week to highlight reading.

Last month I wrote an article, Help for Struggling, Reluctant Readers. You can get a FREE copy of that article by emailing me at

So, this week, please do something to identify a struggling reader in your family or circle of friends, and do what you can to help them become a reader. My action-adventures & mysteries have helped many to make the leap from struggling to avid reader.

NEWSPAPER CAPER, TERROR AT WOLF LAKE, NORTH WOODS POACHERS, MOUNTAIN CABIN MYSTERY, BIG RIG RUSTLERS, SECRET OF ABBOTT'S CAVE, & LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF are compared by readers and reviewers to Tom Sawyer, The Hardy Boys, Huck Finn, Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, Tom Swift, Scooby-Doo, Lemony Snicket, and adventure author Jack London.

Max Elliot Anderson

PS. The above picture is of my son and me. Today, he's a lawyer in Chicago. Reading works!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Received several nice emails and phone calls today, thanking me for my military service. Nice. But it seems like a hundred years ago now. I was drafted into the army in 1969 and served until 1971. I didn’t go to Vietnam, because I already had an older brother there. My younger brother went to Okinawa.

But when I returned to work in my father’s film production company, where do you think my first film project was? VIETNAM. I couldn’t believe it. The project was a film for Venture For Victory with locations in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Vietnam.

All of my basic training had been geared to Vietnam with instructors who had fought there. All of the training films were also about Vietnam.

So, as a civilian, you can imagine my panic, when the helicopter I was flying in, from one filming location to the other, dropped me off in the wrong rice patty. I was all alone.

Another time, I felt as if I were being watched. So I zoomed the lens all the way in, and focused on infinity. When I spun the camera around in the direction of that strange feeling, what did I see but a pair of binoculars disappearing into the tall grass! A cold chill went right up my back.

So it is with profound appreciation that I say thank you to all who have actually served in harm’s way. You have my deepest respect.

Max Elliot Anderson

On Blogging Well

See my guest post about blogging at On Blogging Well plus other entries that you may find helpful and interesting.

Monday, November 09, 2009

I Told Two Friends & Books for Boys

My focus in writing is to reach reluctant readers, especially boys 8 - 13. In my research, I also became aware of the problems surrounding adult literacy. Did you know that most of the men in prisons today either grew up as reluctant readers, or they can't read at all?

I found a web site that might interest you if you're concerned with adult literacy. I Told Two Friends can be found at

Max Elliot Anderson

Monday, November 02, 2009

Knowonder - Legend of The White Wolf

The November issue of Knowonder Magazine is out, and in it is chapter 1 from my adventure book, Legend of The White Wolf. You can find the free, electronic issue at on Page 54.

Knowonder is a magazine intended to, "Inspire your child's Imagination." I like that.

Legend of The White Wolf is available on Amazon, or you may order signed copies. Contact me for more information about that at

Max Elliot Anderson

LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF $10.95 0-9752880-3-2
They didn’t call him a liar; they just couldn’t believe his story. Brian Fisher was determined to prove it was true even though it involved the risk to his own safety. His rescue of a wolf pup from a steel trap results in a mysterious relationship with surprising results. The story is set in the lower elevations near Yellowstone

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two New Books For Boys

When my son, Jim, was growing, up, he became interested in any sport that included a ball, a puck, or an athlete. In other words, he was consumed with sports. He's # 25 on the left of this picture. Jim would have loved these books, I’m sure.

I’m happy anytime I find books that will appeal to boys, especially reluctant readers, since that's where my books are focused. Author Fred Bowen is writing just such books, published by Peachtree Publishers in Atlanta, Georgia.

From his website at you can find a lot more background information about this author. He writes, “I'm Fred Bowen. I write sports fiction for kids 8 years old and up, and a weekly sports column for kids in The Washington Post. My two newest books are Touchdown Trouble (August 2009) and Soccer Team Upset (August 2009). And I have three more books coming out next spring. Two more are in the Fred Bowen Sports Story series.”
Here is a brief synopsis from each book, again taken from Mr. Bowen's site.

Touchdown Trouble

The StorySam loves playing for the Cowboys. His teammates always pull together and play to win. Their effort pays off big-time when they beat their arch rival in a hard-fought game. But their celebration doesn’t last long. Sam makes a discovery that threatens their victory and their team spirit. Can Sam keep the Cowboys together or will his discovery destroy the team?

Soccer Team Upset

The StoryIt is just the beginning of the soccer season, but Tyler is pumped. His team is stacked with awesome players and they have a real shot at being league champions. When a couple of the stars consider leaving to play on a travel team, Tyler is furious. Then he finds out that star-power isn’t the only way to win games.

These new books will interest reluctant readers, avid readers, boys and girls. If you have a sports nut in your house, like I did, I’m sure the books will score points big time.

Nice Job, Fred.

My Article On - Help For Struggling, Reluctant Readers

If you'd like to read my article, Help For Struggling, Reluctant Readers, you can find it on Crosswalk dit com at

Max Elliot Anderson

Monday, October 26, 2009

Speaking About Books For Boys

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to speak to over 100 people who had gathered at the Crystal Lake Evangelical Free Church in Crystal Lake, Illinois. They came there to learn how to better reach out to kids. Each person was connected, in one way or another, to an organization called Awana

I had been invited for two reasons. Our two adult children had been involved in Awana when they were little. But there was something else. An Awana leader at Winnetka Bible Church, in Winnetka, Illinois, had been reading my action-adventure & mystery books, out loud, in his club. Each week he’d read a couple of chapters. This helped to keep the attention of the kids, and it resulted in making sure they arrived on time, so they wouldn’t miss any of the story each week.
After he'd finished reading all of the books to his clubbers, he asked if I had anything more. So I sent him one of my unpublished manuscripts called Whispers In The Graveyard. The story takes place in Chicago.

It was a great day with the people from Awana, and several were interested in knowing more about my books.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Wrestle With The Reluctant Reader

This article captures much of the same journey that I've experienced - minus the music career -as I began writing action-adventures & mysteries, especially for boys. In my case, too, girls like these books.

Not long ago, I also reviewed one of the author's books on this blog, "Captain Nobody."

Here's a link to the article:

Max Elliot Anderson

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Winter's Tail, How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again

Winter's Tail, How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again, is the fascinating, true story of a little dolphin that got herself tangled in the ropes of a crab trap. As a result, her tail came off. At first, a fisherman cut the ropes loose, and then Winter was rescued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

This book is filled with photographs that document Winter's progress as she is fitted with a new tail, and learns to swim again. Now she is helping children and adults, who have also lost limbs. Her story brings a new understanding to the challenges they face, and special relationships are formed.

Winter's Tail is one of several books from Scholastic that tell stories of animals, from all over the world, facing difficulties.

I plan to give this book to my daughter who teaches second grade in a Florida school. Dolphins are some of her favorite animals.

You can also find a web site about Winter at

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Help for The Struggling, Reluctant Reader,

Since it was published earlier this month, my article, Help for The Struggling, Reluctant Reader, has been generating a lot of interest, including requests for reprint rights.

If you’d like to have a copy, just email me at and I’ll be happy to email it to you.

Max Elliot Anderson

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Boy's Review Of A Book For Boys

Okay, I write books for boys. And this blog is dedicated to the subject of books for boys. So you can appreciate how great it is to get comments and reviews for my books from boys.

At the present time, “Terror At Wolf Lake,” is out of print. The publisher has plans to reprint it in the future. But I hope you’ll enjoy this review from Alex Kent.

Thank you Alex!

BOOK REVIEW: Terror At Wolf Lake

Author: Max Elliot Anderson

By: Alex KentSeptember 29, 2009

I was given Max Elliot Anderson’s books personally signed by him to me. My mom told Mr. Anderson that I couldn’t find any interesting boy books to read and she would help market his books if I would read them. I have several of his books that I do enjoy reading because they are about boys like me doing things that I like to do. This book, Terror At Wolf Lake actually happened at Wolf Lake, Michigan.

Eddy Thompson is a kid in the forth grade and he cheats on everything like games, tests, schoolwork, and everything. Eddy’s father decides to take Eddy and his two best friends, Chet and Rusty, and their fathers to a cabin in the woods at Wolf Lake, Michigan, for an ice fishing vacation during their Christmas break.

While there, Eddy and his friends heard and saw some men hide money they had stolen from a bank. Eddy discovered that honesty is the best no matter what. He learned that being honest would be the best in any situation and when he went back to school, he even told his teacher that he had cheated on a test and asked to take it over and do extra work to make up for his dishonesty. This story is about being honest. I enjoyed Terror At Wolf Lake because of the action and mystery. I felt scared when they were scared and felt good when they told the truth. I think boys would like it a lot.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Help For The Reluctant Reader

Ive already received three requests to reprint my article, "Help for The Reluctant Reader."

This article is in the October issue of Knowonder Magazine. The magazine is published in print and in an electronic version. The electronic issue is available at
You can flip through the electronic version of the magazine, to the "For You by You" section. The article starts on page 116 to 118.

Chapter 1, from my tween book, “Legend of The White Wolf,” will be published in their November issue.
We can all agree that reading is the foundation of learning and education. After all, readers are the leaders others follow.

Max Elliot Anderson

Saturday, October 03, 2009

A New Term To Me

This is a new one for me, and I thought you might find it interesting too. They're called "free-Range" kids. VERY interesting.

Max Elliot Anderson

Thursday, October 01, 2009

My article in Knowonder Magazine

There's an article that I wrote for the magazine, Knowonder. This magazine is published in print and in an electronic version. The electronic issue is available at

The article title is "Help for Reluctant Readers.”

Flip through the electronic version of the magazine, to the "For You by You" section. The article starts on page 116 to 118.

Chapter 1, from my tween book, “Legend of The White Wolf,” will be published in their November issue.

Max Elliot Anderson

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Interview About Books for Boys

Here's the link to a new interview, about my books for boys, that you might enjoy reading.

If you leave a comment on the site of the interview, you might win a copy of Legend of The White Wolf.
Thank you,
Max Elliot Anderson

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get The Kids Outside To Play...With Books!

Here's a link to a site that might interest you and your children. It's especially useful for homeschool families. Project P L A Y has created books that encourage children to get outside and play.

Treasure Hunt

A fun trip through Sam’s house, hunting for clues and finding the hidden treasure. Kids will enjoy looking for the clues on each page. The book also comes with clues the parents and children can use to create their own treasure hunts.
Follow the Leader

Follow Sam through Edgebrook as he picks up his pals and entertains the gang on a rainy day. Kids will pick up tips for playing the game of Follow the Leader with their friends.
Just a Baseball Game

Sam and his friends deal with the reality of bad sportsmanship by sticking together. This book will teach us all to be good sports and to enjoy “just playing ball.” The book comes with baseball cards for all the characters.

Kick the Can
Play this timeless game with the kids of Edgebrook at their neighborhood block party. The book comes with the rules of the game and the inspiration for your kids to get out and play.

Coming Soon!

Ghosts in the Graveyard, Hand Jive & Scavenger Hunt
"Project Play began by advertising agency owner Marlene Byrne as she pondered the fading popularity of backyard games like “kick the can” and “ghosts in the graveyard.” After watching as her own children’s lives became consumed by electronic models of play and organized sports, Byrne decided to use books and stories to inspire kids to get out in the backyard, where creativity is born."

"The series debuted in the fall of 2008, where it has since been featured in both local and national publications. Each book features a different backyard game, is beautifully illustrated and inspires young readers to follow the lead of the Edgebrook gang as they use their imaginations to have fun."
So, pick up these books, and have them ready for the next time you hear somone say, "I'm bored!"
Max Elliot Anderson
Books for Boys

Monday, September 21, 2009

Using Buddy Reading With Struggling Readers

If you've been around this blog for any amount of time, you already know that I'm interested in promoting creative ways to help interest kids in reading. When I find one, that information is posted here.

I hope you'll check out the article, "Using Buddy Reading With Struggling Readers," written by Margo Dill, which you can find at the link below:

Thank you for you continued interest in helping struggling and reluctant readers. Toward the end of September, or the very first of October, I'll be posting information about a new, magazine article I've written on this very important topic.

Until then, I hope you find Margo's article helpful.

Max Elliot Aderson

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Fun Book For Boys

You might be interested in a new e-book by Stuart Fish called

"Answers to 350 Quirky Questions that your kids will ask you one day".

I could see this book being of value in the classroom, in homeschool settings, or as something fun for anyone who enjoys trivia.

Here are just a few examples:

Q: When do I grow fastest?
A: In the springtime, just like plants and trees.

Q: Why are babies’ legs so floppy when they are born?
A: Babies are born without kneecaps. Well, not quite true – Babies’
kneecaps are made of cartilage, which is softer and only grow into
bone at about 3 years old.

Q: How long can an olive tree live for
A: Up to 1500 years

Q: What are the five continents?
A: They are : The Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The book is broken down as follows:

Quirky Questions about:
My Body pg 3
Animals and Insects pg 11
Vehicles and Transport pg 35
The Universe pg 37
Earth, Nature and the Environment pg 39
At Home and at School pg 44
Science pg 45
Food & Drink pg 47
Music pg 51
Buildings and Structures pg 53
Sport and Health pg 54
Games and Toys pg 56
Countries pg 57
Movies, TV and Cartoon Characters pg 65
Crazy Stuff pg 67

It’s clear that “Answers to 350 Quirky Questions” will be of interest to “kids” of any age.

Find ort more about this new book at:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Exciting Books and Workbooks for Your Reading Program

Are you looking for a reading program that will excite your struggling, reluctant, and proficient readers, all at the same time? Then the action-adventure & mystery books by Max Elliot Anderson could be exactly what you’re looking for…especially for the boys in your classroom.

Children report that reading one of these books is like being in an exciting or scary movie.

That’s partly because Mr. Anderson has been involved in the production of films, television commercials, and video programs for his entire life.

He also grew up as a struggling, reluctant reader himself.

His books have already been used successfully with students for nearly six years.

Each book has a workbook available. In addition to a teacher’s section with all the answers, the workbook contains the following:

Chapter tests

Vocabulary lessons for each chapter

Find-a-word page for each chapter

Crossword puzzle page for each chapter

Books are available from the publisher,, the author, or Barnes & Noble. Libraries can order books from Baker & Taylor. (see addresses and links below)

Workbooks are available only from the publisher (see addresses and links below)

NORTH WOODS POACHERS $10.95 0-9729256-8-6
The Washburn families have been coming to the same cabins, on the same lake, catching the same fish, for about as long as Andy can remember. And he's sick of it. This summer would be different he decided. Only he never imagined how different. The story is filled with excitement, danger, humor, and drama. In the end, Andy learns the concepts of family tradition, that God loves justice while He hates injustice, and it is important to follow the rules. Readers will enjoy the gigantic, jet-powered floatplane, computers, home made radio transmitter, and naturally, no one will ever forget Big Wally. He’s a fish of course.

MOUNTAIN CABIN MYSTERY $10.95 0-9729256-3-5
Scott and his friends had dreamed and prepared for their first wilderness camping adventure. When they become separated from their group in a mountain fog, trouble begins. There was that bear, the decrepit suspension bridge over a bottomless gorge, the sheer cliff in the dark, those terrorists in the remote cabin, the Army, the helicopter ride, and…
This story reminds us what happens if one of God's lambs is lost.

BIG-RIG RUSTLERS $10.95 0-9752880-1-6
Todd and Amanda live with their parents in a Midwestern city. The family doesn’t go to church. The children are invited to visit their uncle, aunt, and cousin Drew, on their Wyoming ranch over spring break. Todd learns, in a unique way, why stealing is wrong. He decides to choose a new path for his life because of his uncle’s Christian example. A band of high-tech cattle rustlers are caught, revealing that Todd was also wrong about Travis, a shadowy character.
Read about the round up, rattlesnake, and rustlers.

THE SECRET OF ABBOTT'S CAVE $10.95 0-9752880-0-8
A detective, a police scanner, and a cave offered possibilities for danger and excitement. Who are the real heroes in America? Randy and his friends pooled their resources to go cave exploring, discovered the hidden loot from a bank robbery, and learned they weren't heroes at all.

LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF $10.95 0-9752880-3-2
They didn’t call him a liar; they just couldn’t believe his story. Brian Fisher was determined to prove it was true even though it involved the risk to his own safety. His rescue of a wolf pup from a steel trap results in a mysterious relationship with surprising results. The story is set in the lower elevations near Yellowstone

NEWSPAPER CAPER $10.95 0-9729256-4-3
(Currently out of print - 2nd printing planned) Tom Stevens was a super salesman. He and his friends delivered newspapers early every morning. Along their route, the boys often saw some pretty strange things. Then one day they actually became the story. Readers will like the humor, attack dogs, car thieves, and the chop shop Tom and the others uncover. This story reminds us of how important friendship is. It also teaches God isn't just for emergencies. He wants to guide our lives every day.

TERROR AT WOLF LAKE $10.95 0-9729256-6-X
(Currently out of print - 2nd printing planned)
Eddy Thompson was known for one thing and one thing only. Eddy was a cheater. He cheated on anything, anytime, anywhere, until something happened up at Wolf Lake. It wasn’t the brutal cold. It wasn’t when he fell through the ice. It wasn’t even when two scary men arrived at their remote cabin. What happened would change Eddy’s life…forever. (currently out of print)

To help you decide which titles will work best for your young readers, see over 50 pages of reviews at

You already know that reading is critically important in the education of children. Now you have books available that are proven to attract young readers, and hold their attention to the very last word, on the very last page, of the very last chapter.

Each book is bigger with larger type, humor, lots of dialog, shorter sentences, and heart-pounding action. The stories include moral, character, and spiritual principles that reviewers report are not preachy, and in books that don’t talk down to the reader.

And remember, readers are the leaders others follow.

To order signed books $10.95 each plus $5 shipping/handling for up to 3 books, $10 for 4 or more books.

Max Elliot Anderson
P O Box 4126
Rockford, IL 61110

Baker Trittin Press books and workbooks

Baker Trittin Press
PO Box 277
Winona Lake, IN 46590

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Be-A-Famous-Writer CONTEST at Mrs P Com

I'd like to tell you about an excellent site for children at Mrs.P .Com is a fun storybook entertainment site that celebrates reading and books. Classic children’s stories are brought to life by TV star Kathy Kinney as Mrs. P.

FREE - is a free, safe and secure site for children, with no ads or subscription fees.

READ ALONG OPTIONS - Ideal for beginning readers, ESL and even home-schooling.

INTERACTIVE FUN - Animated kid games and great kid activities.

KIDS VIDEOS - New, free children's stories are always being added to the Magic Library.

CONTEST! - Mrs. P’s “Be-A-Famous-Writer” Click here for details...

This is a great site for children in public schools, Christian schools, or home school.

Have fun at
Max Elliot Anderson

Monday, August 24, 2009

Driving, Taking a Shower, or Mowing the Grass

Several months ago, I temporarily stopped writing book-length manuscripts, in order to build my platform as an author, and because I had already completed a number of action-adventure & mystery manuscripts (28 yet to be published).

It's interesting what happened next. While I was writing on a regular basis, ideas seemed to invade my mind constantly. This always happened while driving, taking a shower, or mowing the grass. After I curtailed my writing schedule, the ideas also dropped off. I should say that I also have at least 12 fully developed ideas for additional adventures & mysteries. But what has been happening lately, is that concepts for picture books have begun their invasion.

At the present time, two manuscripts from these ideas have been completed. Then, as I was mowing my grass on Saturday, the concept for a third picture book swooped down from out of nowhere. It was funny to listen later to my dictation on a small recorder that I use in these instances. In the distance, you can hear the lawn mower chugging outside while I spoke into the recorder and breathed like an Olympic distance runner.

What I take away from this experience is awe and appreciation for the creative process, especially when we recognize that it has little to do with us.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

For Writers of Children's Books

Here's a link from Fightin' Bookworm that writers may find helpful.

Children's Book Publishers & Young Readers - How to Wow Them With Your Story

Children's Book Publishers & Young Readers - How to Wow Them With Your Story

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where In The World?

Today I’m sending a set of my books to a family that will be moving to China soon. The order reminded me of an email I received a few weeks ago, from Sri Lanka, from a young reader who had a copy of one of my books.

As any author will tell you, writing is such a solitary life. We get so wrapped up in our characters and their predicaments, that we sometimes forget the real world outside. Once I was talking with my older brother in California. As we ended the conversation I said, “I’d like to keep talking with you, but I left my characters on a raft, in the middle of the raging, Colorado river, so I’d better get back there and help them out.”

So it is always amazing to me when people find what we write to be interesting, entertaining, and enjoyable in their lives.

(Above is a picture of my quiet writing space.)

Even more amazing is to think that, not only are copies my books scattered across the country, they’re also finding their way into other countries. Makes me wonder how many. I know that my books are listed on Amazon in England, France, Germany, and Japan.

To anyone who has ever bought one of my books…thank you. And for those who are looking forward to more of them in the future, I hope to have some news for you about that in the next few months.

Max Elliot Anderson
PS. Authors - where are some of the places you've heard that your books have traveled?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Do you have a fantasy reader at your house? Then you need to know about a new book that will be released this fall,

Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse

BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE is the first in a series of books for children and young adults. Awake on the night of March 3, 2003, Kaleb Nation, then age fourteen, suddenly had the idea of a boy and a banker sitting on a rooftop, waiting for a burglar to come. From that image was born the story of Bran Hambric, a teen boy who was found in a bank vault when he was six years old with no memory of his past. The first novel would take most of Kaleb’s teenage years to write. In THE FARFIELD CURSE, Bran finds that he is at the center of a plot which started years before he was even born: the plot of a deadly curse his mother created that her former masters are now hunting for him to complete. The book is set for a planned release in Fall 2009.

See the video trailer here:

ENTER to Win!!

Pre-Order Prize Giveaway-- (US ONLY) Any person who pre-orders Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse, and sends their e-receipt or scanned receipt to will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following prizes:- Personalized copy of The Farfield Curse (give your copy to a friend!)- Personalized early reader copy of Book 2- Personalized Bran Hambric poster- Half Moon Necklace- Signed CD of soundtrack- $25 gift certificate to local bookstore- Kaleb Nation event at local bookstore (fall 2010)One entry per book ordered (so as many entries as books ordered). Receipts must be dated prior to pub date – September 9, 2009 and bear the subject heading “Bran Hambric Pre-Order Competition.” Winners to be announced September 30, 2009

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

News About Sue Clark

In an email this morning from my sister...

"We have been in contact with IMB personnel in Ghana who have been wonderful about visiting Susan twice a day in the hospital in Ghana. Sue is still very weak, is undergoing testing, but has been able to breathe on her own and keep up her oxygen levels. It will be a long haul to get back on her feet (still unable to navigate on her own). Thank you so much for all your prayers. Naoma"

This will be my last update, since we now know that the recovery process will take a long time. Thank you all.