Sunday, April 26, 2015

Middle Grade Book Trailers

One of the many elements provided to help promote my middle grade action adventures & mysteries, I've produced a number of video book trailers.
Catch all the excitement and see what young readers are talking about.

The Accidental Adventures - Coming July 2015
River Rampage
Legend of The White Wolf
Lost Island Smugglers
North Woods Poachers
Captain Jack's Treasure
When The Lights Go Out
Barney And The Runaway

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Back to Writing Again

I’m almost fully recovered from hernia surgery. I knew I had one obvious spot but my surgeon thought the other side might need fixing, too. We had agreed on laparoscopic surgery in order not to have another big opening like I had for a burst appendix in October.

Surgery was on Monday, March 30, and it took 3 ½ hours. That’s because, once inside, there were four hernia patches that needed repair. So I got worked over pretty well. And with all the smaller incisions, to make openings for the robot’s several instrument and camera needs, I look more like the loser in a knife fight.

The surgery was out-patient and went well. I did have pain for several days, but it was manageable. Couldn’t sit at the computer very long, so work had to stop.

Then, on April 8, I had my surgeon follow up office visit. He said I was progressing well and cleared me to get back to all normal activity by today.

Since we had such powerful storms in Northern Illinois a couple of days ago, I went out yesterday to clear lots of broken, downed branches.
And I’[m able to return to looking after our granddaughter Olivia a few days each week

Today It's back to work on book #5 in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series. Six books are planned and those will start coming out in July from Elk Lake Publishing. New covers, details, and other information will follow on this blog as the projects develop.