Saturday, June 30, 2012

Latest Review - River Rampage

River Rampage is an incredibly fast paced and well written book that has more twists and turns then the Wild Colorado River. Traveling with Tony, Sam and Tyler is an action packed adventure that takes you on one of the fastest and most treacherous rivers in the world. After the first day, they are separated from the rest of the group and have to survive, where many don't. Along the way, they meet many new and even more dangerous surprises. Only through their quick wits and sheer determination can they hope to make it back home alive. With things getting steadily worse as they go along, do they have it in them to make it home?
I couldn't put this book down till I knew if they make the journey. What started as an adventure, quickly became a battle to live. With each turned page, it seemed things got more involved, each new surprise, more harrowing, and almost impossible for the boys to live to tell the tale.
By the end, surviving the raging river is the least of their problems as the odds against them mount.
Max Elliot Anderson has crafted a delicious tale that is enjoyable to the last bite.
J. D. Means

Have you seen the River Rampage video?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kids Reading After Lights Out

I've heard from a number of parents that their kids are finding ways to read my adventures and mysteries after lights out.
Find out why this is by checking out one or more of my books for readers 8 and up. Ask for them at your local bookstore or order online.

Find several exciting video book trailers here

Comfort Publishing

When the Lights Go Out ISBN: 9781936695478
Terror at Wolf Lake ISBN: 9781936695966
North Woods Poachers ISBN: 9781936695058
Barney and the Runaway ISBN: 9780984559848
Legend of the White Wolf ISBN: 9781936695690
Newspaper Caper ISBN: 9781936695263

Port Yonder Press

Lost Island Smugglers ISBN: 9781935600022
Captain Jack's Treasure ISBN: 9781935600145
River Rampage ISBN: 9781935600152

Max Elliot Anderson - Author

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Robins in the Spring

This bush sits outside a large picture window in our living room on the front of the house.

I began to notice a robin that was always around and took off yelling anytime we came out the front door.

As I suspected, a nest had to be nearby, and here it is, in that bush, with 3 eggs inside. Each time we walked outside, the mother flew away, squawking, trying to divert our attention away from the nest, but I'd already discovered its location.

 In time she accepted the fat that we were going to keep coming and going through that front door. She settled into our routine and didn't fly away as often.

Soon the babies hatched as you can see here.

They began screeching as they called out to their mother for, "More food! More food NOW!"

Here they seem to be practicing for their part in the local robin opera.

They practiced a lot. If you listen closely you may hear them singing, "Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, F..I...G...A...R...O!

 In a few days, however, it appeared that only one baby robin remained in the nest. I didn't watch it every day, so I have no idea what happened. The only thing is, I felt from the start that the nest was smaller than a usual robin's. However, this guy was the Baby Huey of the family and he may have simply pushed the others out. What's that they say about survival of the fittest?

He kept demanding all the food and from this point, that's what he got since the others were gone.

Baby Huey grew quickly until...

...this morning when he left the nest and sat in the branches of the bush. By this evening he was gone.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Short Story, Grandpa's Old Oak Tree

Here's a short story, Grandpa's Old Oak Tree, which is up on Knowonder magazine today. Share it with the children in your life
The magazine says, "Grandpa's Old Oak Tree is a touching story that is perfect for a Sunday evening with the kids. It talks about death in a way that you and the children can easily discuss."

Max Elliot Anderson

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Exciting NEWS! Short Stories for Kids

Six months ago, I began writing short stories, as a staff writer, for an online magazine for kids. So far, I've submitted nearly 30 stories. That means if your kids like what they see, there will be many, many more in the future. Today, the first one was published by Knowonder. This magazine re-launched on June 1, and plans a new, fresh short story!

Read my adventure-mystery story, S.O.S., at

Be sure to sign up for the app on your smart phone by searching the name Knowonder

More details about Knowonder magazine.
Knowonder, an online children’s magazine, is announcing its relaunch. It is bigger and better than ever! Promising a story a day, Knowonder is a valuable partner for parents and educators in promoting literacy. Some of the exciting features the newly redesigned site offers are:

§       *  New stories every day
§       * 3 new non-fiction articles each week
§       *  8 content categories, including classic favorites, kid stories and kid art
  *Contests & prizes; your opinion matters! Vote for your favorites to assure you see more like them in the future!
  *IPhone app available
§      *Android app coming soon!

     Visit every day and find a new story to share with your children.