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River Rampage

River Rampage

River Rampage

Author: Max Elliot Anderson
Audience: 8 – 12; especially boys

Justin thought he’d be spending just another boring summer vacation. His friend Zack always did something exciting. Then he made everyone jealous when he came back to school in the fall and told about his adventures.
But, when the phone rang, Justin could hardly believe what he heard. Zack was inviting him and their friend Howie on a river rapids rafting trip.
The boys thought that’d be the most exciting part of their vacation, but were they ever wrong.
After their raft became separated from the main group, the boys were on their own. They beached their rubber raft for the night and that’s when things really began to happen.
Was it possible the old prospector had actually found gold?
And why did a motorcycle gang threaten the old man?

Could the boys get him into town in time to file his claim?


Reviewer : Laura at Lighthouse Academy

Sam Cooper and his friends believe the rest of their summer is going to be boring after what they experienced earlier after school let out, but when Tony’s Uncle calls and invites Tony and his two best friends (Sam and Tyler) on a float trip down the river on rafts, Sam and Tyler both jump at the chance. Sam’s parents decide it won’t be too big of a risk, especially when they are assured that the raft the boys ride on will be the supply raft and it will be securely tethered to another one, piloted by Tony’s uncle—and experienced river rapids guide. 

But that isn’t the way it pans out. The raft becomes unattached the second day on the float trip when they hit class three rapids, and the supply raft springs several leaks, rendering it worthless. Not only that, but everyone goes on, leaving the three boys behind. They set up camp, but then decide to go looking for help when a hooved animal with a bell wanders by, since that means that civilization must be near. 

Instead, Sam and his friends find an old prospector whose discovered gold. And claim jumpers are hot on his tail. Sam and his friends try to devise a plan to get the old prospector and themselves to safety before the claim jumpers come in with guns blazing—and hopefully find their river party at the same time. 

Readers of any of Max Elliot Anderson’s books know that the books are guaranteed to be exciting, suspenseful, and geared toward boys. RIVER RAMPAGE isn’t any different. It is the third book in the A Sam Cooper Adventure series. RIVER RAMPAGE easily stands alone, but readers will want to read the first two books, Lost Island Smugglers and Captain Jack’s Treasure to be brought up to date on Sam’s summer adventures so far. 

Recommended for young adults, tweeners, and especially reluctant readers as that is who Max targets. My son has been a fan of Max Elliot Anderson's books since he was eight and a reluctant reader. My son is now twenty, reads a lot, and he still loves Max's books. 

In this book we meet Tony’s uncle.  Tony is one of Sam’s best friends.  Tony’s uncle is a white water river guide.  He invites Tony’s friends to go rafting with him.He talks to their parents, assuring them he will keep the boys safe.  Their raft will be tied to his.  This sounds safe enough so they consent.  The second day out on the river things go horribly wrong.  The rope breaks tethering them to the guide raft.  They get left behind.They make it to land and find an old miner.  The old miner has some claim jumpers trying to take his claim from him.  The boys jump in to try to help him.  Things go from bad to worse.  Read the book to find out if they make their way out.  Find out what true courage is and how prayer can help in any situation.  Once again this was a book that I couldn’t put down.  Max Anderson’s writing style is simple enough for reluctant readers and has all of the elements of mystery and adventure that will grab them and hold them until the end of the book.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series This Property is Condemned. It is due out some time next year.
Go to Max's website and check out everything he has to offer. Just because it says Books and Boys it doesn't mean it is not for girls. My female students love these books as much as the boys. Max Anderson was a reluctant reader and he knows what will hook them. So what are you waiting for? Check the website and his books out.
- Sandra Stiles 

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River Rampage, a #MiddleGrade adventure, has been published by Elk Lake Publishing. Wild river rafting - a hidden gold mine - a dangerous biker gang - oh my! 

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Elk Lake Publishing

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NEW - Book # 6 - Shadow Of The Fat Man - The Accidental Adventures Series

Shadow Of The Fat Man

Shadow of the Fat Man

Author: Max Elliot Anderson
Audience: 8 – 12

Kurt Benson and his friends, Riley and Jordan, helped out sometimes at Weaver’s Hardware Store. It only filled half of the building. The other half housed a restaurant. Both businesses shared a common basement. And, it was in that basement where Kurt and his friends overheard a plot for a bank robbery. Any time Kurt got excited recently, his eye twitched. And right then, it was twitching something awful.
The men upstairs agreed to meet again in the same booth, so, Kurt and his friends decided to be there to listen in on their plans.
Kurt wanted to tell what he knew, but, for the moment, he wasn’t exactly sure what the plan was, when it would happen, or who the men were. His father had always warned him not to do or say anything that might make the family look bad.
The boys overheard the plans where the crooks intended to steal the money from a vault, stick it into plastic, trash bags, and toss those bags into a waiting garbage truck that one of the gang would have out in the alley.
When they tried to tell their story to the police chief, he informed them that he can’t arrest anyone simply for what he thinks they might do.

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An Excellent Cover and Book Interior Artist

I'd like to introduce you to the artwork by Anna who has designed over a dozen covers for my middle grade mysteries and adventures along with a book about humor for adult readers.

If you need artwork for your next book project, just email me and I'd be happy to put you and Anna together.

Thank you,


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Summer Camp Trouble - Book #4 in Accidental Adventures Series

Summer Camp Trouble

Summer Camp Trouble

Author: Max Elliot Anderson
Audience: 8 – 12; especially boys

Kurt Benson and his friends Riley and Jordan used to look forward to summer camp each year up in Wisconsin. But that was before the camp opened up to kids who came from some pretty rough homes a couple of years ago.
Then, this summer, things got a little more interesting when a rich kid showed up. He didn’t come by bus, minivan, or car like most campers. This guy arrived in a helicopter. Plus, his suitcases were filled with candy bars and other things he used to get kids to do things for him.
This summer, some of the roughest boys Kurt had ever seen came to camp. Right from the start, they caused all kinds of trouble.
Then, one night, there was a huge explosion as fireworks went off. They were supposed to hit Kurt’s cabin, but something went terribly wrong.

Why did Kurt risk his own safety to save the life of one of the worst guys at camp? His actions would change Rudy’s life from that point on.

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The Secret of Grandmother's Grandfather Clock - Book 3 in the Accidental Adventures Series

The Secret of Grandmother's          Grandfather Clock

The Mystery of Grandmother’s
Grandfather Clock

Author: Max Elliot Anderson
Audience: 8 – 12; especially boys

Kurt Benson loved to visit his grandparents’ farm. But, not this time. A simple phone call changed everything. His grandfather had been a bomber pilot and, together, they’d built models. When the phone rang, Kurt was nearly finished building the first one that could actually fly.
His grandparents lived a long distance away. When the family finally got there, Kurt and his sister Olivia found out that their grandfather had died. But the biggest shock was that someone may have been responsible for it.
So, Kurt, Olivia, and their cousins set out to discover the truth. What they find is that someone had been threatening the old man and now they were trying to scare Kurt’s grandmother.
His grandfather had left some clues, but they didn’t make sense to Kurt until he noticed a mirror. He also found that someone in the county office had been tampering with property records and several people had already lost their farms…but why?

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